Is the Google Pixel/XL camera really that good? Yes it is.

An impressive amount of tech sites are raving about the camera quality of the Google Pixel/XL. In this comparison, you'll see how I compared its results with those coming from the Nexus 6P and the Huawei P9 Plus. However short, it's been a quite surprising trip for me I have to admit. The Google Pixel/XLis a fantastic shooter indeed and you'll see why in this post.

Editing Nokia 808 PureView .JPG in Lightroom

Here's a very short post about something I hardly ever did before: edit a high-res photo from the Nokia 808 PureView (38MP) in Lightroom. When I was still making comparisons between different smartphone cameras, I didn't want to use Lightroom to really show the original output of the devices. Now that I just about stopped doing so (until a very interesting smartphone comes along), it's actually fun to work on the results I've been collecting for the past years. Here's just one example. 

Ari Partinen raves about Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus

Just a short post to point you to a video Ari Partinen - ex-Nokia imaging team and with Apple for a few years already - is very enthusiastic about. It demonstrates the power of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode, for which you will need the "dual cam" functionality on the iPhone 7 Plus, which apparantly has been updated in December. 

Tough decisions, some relief, more insight

If you're looking for anything like news, a review or one-on-one comparison you can stop reading right away, I'm sorry. On the other hand, it won't take you a long time to read anyway, so you're welcome to come along, as always.

This post is about my latest decisions regarding my quest for the best "connected camera". Will it help you? Well, I hope so, otherwise I wouldn't take the time to write it all down. But it's way more of a personal story than anything objective, so consider yourself warned. All the pics in this post are mine.

What's next? Upgrading from the best smartphone camera

For the past few months I've been concentrating on other cameras, both compact and system. Why?
Not because I'm fed up with smartphone cameras, but because I feel they have reached just about their peak - it's hard to buy a high-end smartphone camera with a mediocre camera these days.

Also, I noticed my own shots improved significantly using better glass and larger sensors. I'm witing this post to share my experience with some important factors when upgrading from a smartphone camera. Hope it will help you make up your mind if you're planning to do so yourself.

Introducing a new project: Visiting Amsterdam

In this short post I'd just like to introduce a new project I've been working on for the past weeks. You must have noticed I love to go to Amsterdam to compare cameras and capture the city in general. I lived in Amsterdam for 25 years and still love to come back whenever I find the time (thank goodness I live nearby).

Recently, it has become my passion to capture not just the gorgeous city, but also its colorful visitors and inhabitants. Hence, I started Visiting Amsterdam on Facebook. Whenever you are visiting Amsterdam yourself - or lucky enough to live there - chances are you'll find your portrait here one day...

If you're on Facebook as well, I hope you'll want to join my travels through the city and enjoy its beatiful people - please hit the famous " like" button if you do! :-)