About the SmartCamClub
The SmartCamClub is a community for people with a passion for smartphone photography. Be it on Android, iOS, Windows Phone or any other major platform, your smartphone has the camera you'll be carrying with you always - we think it's important to know which one offers the best imaging quality.

The SmartCamClub originates in PureViewClub founded in 2012, after Nokia's announcement of the Nokia 808 PureView during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. After more than two years, we feel the need to broaden its focus.

At the SmartCamClub, we will still be looking at the results of current or future smartphones offering PureView technology - but we'll be testing and reviewing recent high-end devices on every other major platform as well.

About the SmartCamClub Forum
In the SmartCamClub Forum you can ask, find and offer information about the best smartphone cameras on every mobile OS: imaging quality, settings, apps, sound, accessories, tips, tricks and firmware updates.

You are kindly invited to register at the forum, but always remember this is an international site, so you are requested to write all your questions or reactions in English. We will tolerate no abusive behavior against other forum members or ourselves. Posts promoting illegal software are not allowed and can be deleted without notice.

Marc Wielaert & Peter Buijsman, The Netherlands.