What's the new Nokia video in LA all about?

So when we saw it for the first time about an hour ago we thought, 'well, nice, but what's the point'. And suddenly we thought - the full HD quality, even in 1080p, the vibrant colors, the joy: are they trying to communicate the Nokia 808 PureView here? Than we figured it wouldn't make much sense without even naming the device - and more or less forgot about the whole thing.

But a bit later, Jay Montano from mynokiablog.com suspects the exact same thing! So we're happy to quote him on this one, since it stresses the same point. There should be a point in all this. So what is it? The Nokia 808 PureView? We certainly hope so, the quality of the video is breathtaking... - and you can see it after the break.

Comparison Nokia 808 PureView with Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and iPhone 4S

How's your Russian? Ours isn't, period. But Google helps a bit, so it might be useful to tip there's a Russian site that as of today has a lot of samples comparing the picture and video quality of the Nokia 808 with that of the Samsung Galaxy S III (!), the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Frankly, we would have liked to see the Sony Xperia S and Nokia's N8 in this comparison as well, but it's a great thing they're already showing some results of both the new Samsung Galaxy S III and of course the 808 PureView this site is all about.

Nokia 808 PureView hard cover and more accessories

Nokia has recommended a few accessories for it's 808 PureView, but just one of them (yet) is especially designed for it: a protective case, the Hard Cover CC-3046. When you plan to use your 808 PureView outdoor a lot, it seems wise to get your hands on this as well. Not only will it protect the body, but it can also cover up the lense and flash. There will be two colors available: black  and red. Prices are still not known, but accessories like these will usually cost you about €40 (just guessing)

Furthermore, there is the Nokia Tripod Mount,  previously released for the Nokia N8. It's a tight grip to put your phone  in, so you can safely attach it to a tripod as camerastand. It’s not the most renowned design, but it’s very stable and that’s what counts. Other recommend accessories are the Nokia Micro HDMI Cable CA-198 which we feel could have been  included in the package.

And there's the Nokia Portable Charger DC-16, which we have seen during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year (the picture below is ours), but never again since. It’s a remarkably designed battery where you actually can charge just about any modern phone with. You can see several pictures of accessories for or with the 808 PureView after the break.

Nokia 808 PureView approaching Mount Everest

The Fin Atte Miettinen and his team are now making an attempt to climb the seven summits, a pretty high and cold area where also Mount Everest lies.

When Nokia in the United Arabic Emirates (where mr. Miettinen appears to be living) learned of his trip, they - and we quote - "gave him Nokia 808 Pureview to document the trip. Like this if you are excited to see the Nokia 808 Pureview photos from the mountain. Also check Atte’s page to wish good luck to the summit".

As of yet there are no pictures from Atte yet, but you can follow his adventure on Facebook: . A picture we borrowed from Nokia UAE Facebook page from the Nokia 808 appears after the break...

Prices Nokia 808 PureView on eBay: ouch!

Earlier today, we noticed that when you want to be among the very first to get the Nokia 808 PureView, you would have to invest a lot of money - more than $800, we calculated, based on what Amazon UK is offering. Less that twelve hours later, we find similar prices over at eBay.com. The price range is now set between $827,72 and $859,65 (!).

Now keep in mind that Nokia has until now harldy mentioned any price (except for an add over at the United Arab Emirates), so these might be just salesmen smelling money of the too impatient. But it wouldn't surprise us if Nokia is keeping a close eye on what's actually being ordered at those stores. It's getting more and more interesting how much Nokia will offer this camera phone for. We aim to keep you posted!

Nokia 808 PureView expensive on Amazon UK

We've come across some new price information, this time on Amazon UK. You can find the black version of the Nokia 808 PureView for £499.98. The white version however (no picture available?), is even more expensive at £529.99.

Since one pound is €1,25 at the moment, it looks like the Nokia 808 PureView will be around €640, which seems too serious an amount of money for the device. Some more math: at this price level it would be more than $800 to get your hands on it in the US, and in India, where it will launch first, it would be around Rs 44.000! In our opinion: no way the official price will be that high.

All About Nokia Belle - 3. Public Transport, City Lense & Roundup

All About Nokia Belle part 1
All About Nokia Belle part 2 

Nokia Public Transport
Since it acquired NavTeq, Nokia is in the knowing-where-things-are business. And how to get there. And even how much traffic you may expect along the way. Check for instance  maps.nokia.com on your computer or (whatever) tablet, find an address and check how busy the roads are. If you want to be even more amazed, watch a city like Paris or London in 3D (plug-in required). See picture and read more after the break

All About Nokia Belle - 2. Apps & Widgets

All About Nokia Belle part 1

We don't have to hide the fact that for iOS and Android you have tons of choices in applications, games et cetera. Even the Marketplace for Windows Phone has developed at incredible speed. On the other hand, the Nokia shop for apps on Nokia Belle should not be underestimated either. Nokia already offers a 100.000 apps in total for its several platforms (S40, S60, S60, Symbian Anna, Belle, and N9).