All About Nokia Belle - 1: Short history & Back to business

Although for some it might seem a bit odd to concentrate on Nokia Belle, Nokia´s 808 PureView provides us with a very good reason since it will run on Feature Pack 1. This latest update of Nokia Belle has already been launched on the Nokia 700, 701 en 603. We got the last one just a few day ago, so that gives us a nice view on what Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is all about.

Some may already feel completely comfortable with this OS. But for others – coming from another platform – it will be a new experience. We thought it would be a good idea to write a general introduction to Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. For those who had some experience in the past, and for those who never even touched a Nokia smartphone in their life. So here's our introduction to Nokia's newest version of it's classic platform. We hope you will like it!

New Gallery Nokia 808 PureView: White

Everybody likes getting a present, so no wonder we like this one a lot, the new Gallery Nokia published today on Nokia Conversations. You'll find the white version of the 808 PureView photographed from different angles and to us it simply looks great from everyangle. If you don't like to click on the link, you may find all the pictures below. For the original sizes, we ask you kindly to follow the link anyway.

Nokia 808 PureView vs iPhone 4S - in Full HD

We'd love to know how, but the guys at got their hands on the Nokia 808 PureView already a while ago. They decided to compare the video quality with that from the iPhone 4S, both in full HD. Now we know about the size of the 808 PureView´s sensor, so it´s an unfair battle, but it´s still nice to take this not yet released Nokia phone up against one of the most wide spread smartphones on the planet – and not a cheap one either. It's a short and simple video comparison, but just as effective.

Finnish operator DNA will offer Nokia 808 PureView on contract

The Finnish operator DNA will offer the Nokia 808 PureView soon. In Finland it works a a bit different than in many other countries. You pick the contract you want, and added to that, you will pay a monthly fee extra for the phone you choose. For the Nokia 808 PureView you will have to pay a monthly €23 for two years– independent from what kind of contract you choose. You can also choose a two year contract, than you will pay €45 every month, adding up to €540 for the 808 PureView.