Getting closer to reality - focusing on the future

Yes, it's been a while. I tried to stay completely off-line for a few weeks, enjoying the holiday with the family - but it looks like that was a bit too much to ask. Those of you following me on Twitter have noticed me retweeting a lot of fantastic PureView captures. On Instagram I've shared some of my own holiday shots. But I didn't post any updates here at the club... - for weeks even, for the first time in more than two years. Not only did I feel my family finally deserved my more or less undivided attention since a very long time. I had some thinking to do, too. And mr. Satya Nadella gave me a lot more to think about.

First of all something personal: I'm near sighted. Maybe that's why I'm so passionate about the possibilities the 41MP sensors of the 808 and 1020 offer. Remember "Zoom Reinvented"? I've been using that phrase more here than Nokia has been doing for months. I just love to see those details. Guess they get me closer than I could ever be myself. That's why I like to work with the optical zoom on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom as well - smartphones like these simply show me things I'd actually never see in real life. It's getting me closer to reality. But there's so much more reality to deal with, I learned in the past weeks in France. Nokia Lumia 1020 - Messanges - France 1
Obviously, Steve Ballmer had a strategy to make up for his failure to get a share of the mobile market (I hope I don't need to remind anyone of the "Windows Mobile" disaster). Elop was sent in to get Nokia for Microsoft. And Elop succeeded - and was hated for it. Mission accomplished? Not really. Choosing for a hardware division against the will of the Microsoft Board even cost Ballmer his position. And now Satya Nadella is all "services" and no "hardware", so what's left of Nokia hardly stands a chance in Microsoft's future.

No less than 12.500 people will lose their jobs - about 50% of the people welcomed by Microsoft a few months ago. That's shocking. Next thing I learned was the flagships were cancelled - Goldfinger, McLaren, whatever the names were: all gone from the road map. No more 3D user interface. No more exciting innovations in imaging. Microsoft doesn't care if you buy the 520 or 1520: as long as you're in their ecosystem it's fine. So I'm worried about the future of the whole PureView concept - it doesn't look too bright now, does it? Nokia Lumia 1020 - Messanges - France 2
PureView was very old school Nokia - and it looks like "old school Nokia" is gone to stay. People have been asking me what I was going to do with the PureViewClub since all this. Just keep going? Shut it down? Frankly, there's not much PureView news to keep it going, although I have to admit I'm extremely happy to get my hands on the Nokia Lumia 930 today. But it does look like the Lumia 930 will be the last of Nokia's flagships for the time being. The last highlight in PureView imaging for one thing, for at least a year or so. It's simply not enough to keep people entertained at a club that's so focused on smartphone photoography. So here's what I decided to do in France. Nokia Lumia 1020 - Messanges - France 3
I'll keep the club open - I'll be your virtual bartender, serving you news about smartphone imaging, compared to Nokia's PureView devices, or as it happens. News, shots, comparisons, new talents if I find them. The focus will still be on smartphone cameras - but not just PureView. So I will change the name of the club, within a few weeks even, I hope.

I hope you understand my decision - some of my friends at Nokia do, if that's any kind of comfort to you. I've been giving it tons of thoughts even before going on holiday: there simply is no other way to keep this club alive. There's a lot to do before I can change the name, but I'm looking forward to this new future immensly. Just like I'm looking forward to - finally - test the Nokia Lumia 930! The few shots to lively up this post were captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020 by the way - in France :-)