A lovely hollyhock in the morning sun - Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Just a very short post - one flower I captured this morning on my way to work, more or less close-up with the the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (not using the optical zoom). Similar sensors (20MP vs 19MP), all settings on auto, although the early morning sun was very bright, so I put both devices on -3 exposure value.

First: here are the resized versions. Most important is the difference in color. Nokia Lumia 1520 first, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom second.

Rose - Nokia Lumia 1520 19MP Rose - Samsung Galaxy K ZoomQuite frankly, I think the Lumia 1520 does reproduce the best colors - although red is always very hard to capture for some reason. Again, the K Zoom produces a bit lighter result. It can be quite handy in less favorable circumstances, but it does have some disadvantages as I will show in a future post.

Let's have a look at the crops. First from the 5MP result from the Lumia 1520, next the 19MP (high-res) coming from the Lumia 1520, and finally from the 20MP capture with the Galaxy K Zoom.

Rose - Nokia Lumia 1520 5MP Rose - Nokia Lumia 1520 19MP Rose - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 20MPFunny thing is - like in my previous comparison (remember the bike?) - the Galaxy K Zoom shows reflections that seem to completely absorbed by the Lumia 1520. The K Zoom even makes the leave look a bit "greasy" (which I do not remember it to be).

Generally speaking, the Lumia 1520 seems to give a more realistic image of the texture of the leave, whereas there is hardly any difference in the way the flower is captured. If this has to do with the way Samsung tends to be "over sharpening" the shot, I don't know - may you do. Other than that, details of both sensors are quite comparable.

More comparisons with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom are on their way, please be patient. You'll find these originals in the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs. PureView album on on Flickr.

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