Zooming in on a "flying" motorbike - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia Lumia's PureView

Another very short post, sharing a funny scene I saw in my hometown - a motorbike on a high statue: something nice to zoom into. Now of course, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has the obvious advantage here. Still, what can you expect from your Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520? How close can you get?

In this post I'll share the zoomed results from all devices - but to show you far the distance was, here's a resized version of the 34MP original I got from the Lumia 1020.

Nokia Lumia 1020 34MP 1With the Nokia Lumia 1520 - its 20MP (19MP in 16:9) you can zoom in this far.

Lumia 1520 5MPAs you probably know, with PureView you zoom in on the sensor. You'll loose "oversampling" the more you zoom in, but you'll get the true image - there is no digital zoom. And since the Lumia 1020 has a much bigger sensor, you can zoom in quite a bit closer. You might not have been aware of that, and here's the proof.

Nokia Lumia 1020 5MPNow how does that stack up to the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom? I'm not even sure how far I zoomed in the first shot - about 3x I think, sorry - but here's a similiar result.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 3xWant to have a look at the crops of these results? Here they are: 640 x 360 pixels from the Lumia 1520 (5MP zoomed in), Lumia 1020 (5MP Zoomed in) and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

Lumia 1520 5MP crop Nokia Lumia 1020 5MP crop Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 3x cropIn case you might wonder, there is hardly any difference when I would crop the high-res results from both Lumia's (you can check for yourself, they're all on Flickr).

It's pretty obvious though, that the most you can squeeze out of the optical zoom will get you a lot closer

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 10xAnd since you're still using the full 20.7MP from the K zoom when zooming in this far, you may expect crops like these...

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 10x cropThink I made my point, and I didn't even go as far as to check the 10x optical + 10x digital zoom in this case. You'll find all originals in the album with the Galaxy K Zoom comparisons on Flickr.

It's anĀ  interesting question why Nokia apparantly never even tried to add an optical zoom to their smartphones. Of course, you'll get a much bigger design: Samsung took no small risk with the Galaxy K Zoom, many appear to think of this smartphone as unfashionably fat - like many people never liked the Nokia 808 PureView because of the very same hump on its back many of us love so much.

So yes: there is a market for bigger smartphones (like the Lumia 1520 "phablet" has proven as well). Now yesterday, Slashgear wrote how a "next PureView phone might pack Canon tech". I do wonder however, if this will have any effect on the hardware on future Lumia smartphones.

Now what do you think? Should Nokia add an optical zoom to one of the next PureView flagships? Has Samsung taken the lead wih the Galaxy K Zoom? Let me know below.