Not just another nightshot

For my work, I'm at the North Sea Jazz Festival once again (first time was in 1991 I might add, saw Miles Davis' very last concert there, a memory I'm quite fond of). Because of what I do (editing concert recordings for our radioshow at Radio 6 Soul & Jazz, you might want to tune in later today, the next broadcast starts in about an hour :-). I can't go actually see any concerts to make shots. Returning to my the hotel late at night, with my Nokia Lumia 1020 I captured this nightshot which I can't resist sharing. Now I'm getting somewhat of a reputation as "mr. Steadycam", but of ten shots, I managed not to move for 0.83 seconds in only two of them - and this is the best one I got at ISO 100 (resized to fit this post of course, you'll find links below) Van der Valk Hotel 641 x 858
Now I tried to get a similar result with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, but it's more complicated to work with in one specific way. When you work with the Nokia Lumia 1020, you can put it on ISO 100 and choose to leave the rest up to the device - which I did in this case. When you put the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom on manuel, you can also put it on ISO 100, but you'll have to choose the shutter time as well. Not being very experienced at that, I guessed 0.25 seconds would do. It didn't, the shot came out too dark (and there suddenly were colleagues in the hall as well). So I now know tonight I'll have to choose between 0.7 and 1 second shutter time. Another challenge will be the that the light on the ceiling is constantly changing :-) You'll find the original shots on Flickr in 5MP and 38MP resolution to "pixel peep" if you feel like it.