Enjoy my smartphone photography on your wall - and support the PureViewClub as well :-)

This will most likely be my last post for the coming weeks - going on holiday with my family and I'm planning to write as less as possible (it's been quite a busy year). However, I have something for my Dutch, German, Belgian and French readers, and (in due time) those in the United Kingdom. I've been asking for your contribution many times - you can see who actually pushed that PayPal button on the right here. But maybe it's a better idea to get something in return. Something tangable, visible - something to enjoy. Workonthewall 3
Advised by a friend (a professional photographer), I'm now offering a selection of my smartphone shots at a Dutch online store called " Werk aan de Muur" ("Work on the Wall"). I selected 32 shots to begin with, from which 30 are captured with PureView devices: the Nokia N8, 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 to be precise. Two of the selected shots were captured with Samsung devices (one with the Galaxy S5 and one with the Galaxy K Zoom - both were featured here as well). Mind you: all these shots are captured with smartphones. Not DSLR's or compact cameras. Workonthewall 2
The idea is you can order one (or more :-) from these shots to enjoy them at home - or at work of course. You can choose the material you'd like to see them printed on (photo paper, aluminium, wood, canvas, framed, etc.) and you can choose the size you'd like. Online, it's possible to get an idea how every shot will look on the wall of your living room, bedroom, office or even outside.

The people from the store assure you get the best possible quality, and I get a percentage for every picture ordered. It's not exactly cheap, but it's not very expensive either - somewhere between the Ikea and the Art Gallery so to say. I'm sure it won't make me a fortune, but every contribution is welcome and I love the idea of the PureViewClub fans having my work on their wall. Workonthewall 4
Since they will have to send it to you, at this time it's only possible to order in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, but the United Kingdom will be included in a few months. If you'd like to order a work from outside these countries, it's not impossible, but you'll have to get in touch about the shipping costs. So here you go: have a look at my first online selection of shots and don't hesitate to order one or more to enjoy at home or at work - and to support the PureViewClub! I'd like to thank you in advance and hope to return from France with some great PureView  shots to share here at the club and maybe even in my little new gallery :-)