An Amsterdam Afternoon - with Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3 (1)

Recently I received an official version of Nokia's Lumia 930 and the all new LG G3, so together with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom I had enough reason to visit Amsterdam once again in search of some interesting shots to compare. It was the typical Dutch kind of great weather; bright sunlight and the kind of heavy clouds many Dutch painters are famous for, so it wasn't always possible to wait for the exact same lighting conditions.

Nevertheless I made several dozens of shots and I spent last evening selecting the ones most interesting for you. You'll see four scenes: a tall ship near Amsterdam Central Station, a shopping window from a second hand store, a lesser known one of Amsterdam famous canals and some colorful Spanish peppers on my plate after my too spicy dinner at a Thai restaurant that afternoon. Two wide shots and two close-ups so to say. I'll need two posts to share all I captured in Amsterdam. Here we go. First, the resized version of the view on the tall ship in the Amsterdam harbour, captured from the far end of Amsterdam Central Station - this was captured with the Nokia Lumia 930 (set to sunny). 1 Near Amsterdam CS - Nokia Lumia 930 5MPNext, you'll see the resized versions of the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (in that order, both on automatic settings). 1 Near Amsterdam CS - LG G3 1 Near Amsterdam CS - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
I wrote it before and I will write it again: the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom may have a very practicle 10x optical zoom, but in a comparison like this - not applying any zoom - it tends to give a too bright result. It lacks contrast in other words, as you can clearly see in these examples. I really think it needs a software update to fix that. Let's have a look at the crops, sharing the details in the order of their sensors (from small to large, as I often do). Lumia 930 is first, with its 5MP result. I focused on the tall ship in all shots, so that's what you'll see in the crops. 1 Near Amsterdam CS - Nokia Lumia 930 5MP Next: the LG G3, which uses 10MP of its 13MP sensor i n 16:9. 1 Near Amsterdam CS - LG G3 Cropping even closer, this is from the Galaxy K Zoom's 15.1MP size shot. 1 Near Amsterdam CS - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom And finally - and at a very comparable size - it's the Lumia 930 in 16MP (high-resolution in 16:9), not profiting from any PureView oversampling. 1 Near Amsterdam CS - Nokia Lumia 930 16MP
In general, I'm not blown away by the last two crops. They show a decent amount of detail - you can even read the "Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ" on the right side (which you probably won't even notice it you don't know it's there). I think contrast is better in Nokia's Lumia 930, but as far as details go these shots are quite comparable. What does surprise me though, is the amount of details I can see in the 10MP result coming from LG's new G3. Sure, it isn't perfect, but a lot better than I expected anyway.

Next is a shopping window in a small second hand store in the center of Amsterdam, but outside the well-known always busy shopping area. You'll find it on the Singel canal, quite close to the Central Station. It's a charming little store ( Tut & Hola) with women's clothing mostly. The owner didn't mind me making a few shots inside after I explained her what for. The scene I selected was taken looking inside out, a colorful collage of things like two beautiful shoes and some French books, a pile of plates and an artificial French croissant - beautifully lit by the sun from outside. And you might notice the vague writing on the wall on the opposite side of the street as well. But here's where the Dutch weather plays a part too, since the passing clouds were changing the amount of light - however subtle. I liked this shot best nevertheless, so we'll have to live with the small differences. Let's start with the Lumia 930 once more. 2 Red shoes - Nokia Lumia 930 5MPThe is how I captured it with the LG G3 2 Red Shoes - LG G3 b And with the Samsug Galaxy K Zoom 2 Red shoes - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
Now this is a bit tricky, since I'm not competely sure what the actual difference in direct sunlight was at the time I took the shots. The results suggest the light was a bit less when I captured this with the Nokia Lumia 930, but quite frankly: I'm not sure. It might as well be the camera software handling the incoming bright light in a different way. There's something to be said for all three results I guess, but again I must say I'm again surprised by what I got from the LG G3 - it's bright, but not too much. I'd say the Lumia 930 is a bit on the dark side in comparison, where the Samsung's Galaxy K Zoom is somewhere in between. Let's have a look at the crops, in the same order as above, Lumia 930 in 5MP first. 2 Red shoes - Nokia Lumia 930 5MP Details look just lovely as far as I'm concerned. LG G3's 10MP result is next 2 Red Shoes - LG G3 b A bit too bright in fact, but still - not bad for a sensor this size I'd say. K Zoom uses 15.1MP 2 Red shoes - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom And shows some nice detail in the brighter parts. Lumia 930 to conclude: 2 Red shoes - Nokia Lumia 930 16MP
In the case of this bit darker result, you'll see most detail in the red leather - by far even. So my conclusions so far? In a comparison like this (not working with any zoom capacity), I think the Nokia Lumia 930 still wins in general. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom performs pretty good, but still lacks contrast (like I've shown in the first wide shot). Also, it doesn't show as much detail as I expected it to (second comparison).

The LG G3 has quite a bit of a smaller sensor (13MP in 4:3 / 10MP in 16:9) and has been a positive surprise so far. I will be writing about working with LG's G3 some more later, next up is the second part of this comparison, I hope to share that in a few days. You'll find all the original shots on Flickr.

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