An Amsterdam Afternoon – with Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3 (2)

Like I wrote yesterday, I visited Amsterdam in company of the Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom en LG G3 - see the first part of this post. I wrote about the typical Dutch kind of great weather; bright sunlight and the kind of heavy clouds. In this second post you'll see one of the lesser known Amsterdam canals and... some colorful Spanish peppers. The Amsterdam canal was captured during a longer period without direct sunlight - so these shots present a more or less fair comparison I'd say. Let's see them in the same order as the previous ones: Nokia Lumia 930 (5MP), LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. 4 Canal - Nokia Lumia 930 5MP 4 Canal - LG G3 4 Canal - Samsung Galaxy K ZoomAgain, the Lumia 930 shows the "darkest" result and the G3 seems to shows a bit more contrast than the K Zoom. Let's have a look at the crops in the usual order (from 5MP to 16MP that is). So Lumia 930 first. I focused on the boats, so that's where I'll look for the details in the crops. 4 Canal - Nokia Lumia 1020 5MPNext: LG G3 (10MP) 4 Canal - LG G3You can already tell the colored parts on the top of the green boat look a lot less colorful in G3's shot. Same goes for the K Zoom (15.1MP), which indeed gives me the "palest" result. 4 Canal - Samsung Galaxy K ZoomAnd finally, the Lumia 930's high-res result (16MP) 4 Canal - Nokia Lumia 930 16MPAlthough I do prefer the colors of the Lumia 930, I must say I'm not completely blown away by the detail of these crops. Maybe I'm expecting too much of the 20MP sensor? It's not bad at all - and it's certainly better than the Galaxy K Zoom performs - but it's not extremely sharp either, is it? Maybe the light wasn't too favorable in this case. Last part - some colorful spanish peppers I left on my plate after a bit too spicy Thai meal that afternoon (whenever you see someone at a table shooting his food with different smartphones, you probably found me :-) Same order: Lumia 930, LG G3 and Galaxy K Zoom 5 Hot peppers - Nokia Lumia 930 5MP 5 Hot peppers - LG G3 5 Hot peppers - Samsung Galaxy K ZoomIn this case, it's clear the LG G3 is giving a way too bright shot, where the Lumia 930 and Galaxy K Zoom give comparable results. I'm not going to give the crops here, some of you might think this is already close enough and all the shots are on Flickr anyway :-) I'm not done testing, of course. I'll look for new more or less interesting scenes in different light situations, and in a next post I will write some more about what it's like working with the LG G3 in comparison with quite a few other smartphone cameras (spoiler: it's kind of limited :-)