Celebrating 6600 Twitter followers with Nokia Time Warp XV: unpacking the Nokia 6600

You may know I have a thing with numbers. It's been a while: on January 30 this year I celebrated the fact the PureViewClub reached 5110 followers on Twitter. I did so with one of my "Nokia Time Warps" - unpacking old Nokia devices like they are new, capturing that "special moment" with the newest PureView device. Now it's August and this community has reached well over 6600 followers - so here it is, the next Nokia Time Warp, this time with the Nokia 6600!

This one is from 10 years ago. Chief designer Frank Nuovo and his team already thought of some amazing designs with the Nokia 5510, 7650 (my first Time Warp), 3650, 8600, N-Gage and the related 3300. In those days, it looked like not every device really needed to be succesfull. Those were the days: Nokia was proud market leader anyway, it didn't really matter if one device appeared to be less popular than another (but the N-Gage has been an painful failure to enter the game market).

Anyway, it was very much about unique design, diversification and brand awareness. Most important thing was you could by a unique Nokia to fit your style and needs. The Nokia 6600 was part of that period. Definitely a mobile phone, but unlike any other one we've seen until then. I never owned it until about half a year ago, planning to write this article :-)

The box is not immaculate (it has some spots), but it will have to do. It's getting harder and harder to get to these devices at all. Most important to me is the package is complete and you can get the feeling what it was like unpacking this, in 2003/2004... These shots were all captured with the Nokia Lumia 930. First of all, the pretty lady in the laboratory, holding the fruit of her visionary imagination. Nokia 6600 - 1 Since as you can see on the back of the box: vision becomes reality... Nokia 6600 - 2 I seriously wonder what it must have felt like to see this, ten years ago... Nokia 6600 - 3 Nokia 6600 - 4 And you didn't just get the phone in a great package, but tons of booklets, too... Inviting you to become member of Club Nokia (maybe that inspired me to start a "club" as well, I don't know). And of course, how to insert the sim card etc. etc. Nokia 6600 - 6 Nokia 6600 - 7 Nokia 6600 - 8 Nokia 6600 - 9 Nokia 6600 - 10 Time for some Nokia 6600 close-ups... Nokia 6600 - 11 Camera still was VGA (640 x 480 pixels) - those were the days, too... ;-) Nokia 6600 - 12 As you can see in these shots, the 6600 I found is really in mint condition... Nokia 6600 - 13 Nokia 6600 - 14 Nokia 6600 - 15 And your memory card offered no less than 32MB extra memory... Nokia 6600 - 16 Here you see it uses the BL-5C battery which has been used in several dozens of Nokia phones. Nokia 6600 - 17And yes... this Nokia 6600 still works - of course it does, it's good old Nokia after all! :-) Nokia 6600 - 18
So much for this Nokia Time Warp. Maybe I'll be able to do one "in between", but I promise you a new edition to celebrate as soon as the @PureViewClub reaches 8310 followers on Twitter.  Looking forward to your comments! Do you remember the 6600? Did you use one? I never did, although I remember wanting the black version... I've been traveling quite a bit of these "Nokia Time Warps" already, you’ll find the previous editions here…

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