Why have Nokia 808 PureView pictures disappeared from Facebook? (Updated)

There is growing unrest among Nokia 808 PureView users who see their complete picture galleries disappear from Facebook. The discussion has been going on on Twitter since a few days. Let me just quote one of many complaints, by Marco Ferrari: "On Nokia 808 Pureview with Belle FP2 is not possible anymore to upload to Facebook, please fix it asap".

Two minutes later he posts: "No more picture upload on Facebook but the worst is that entire Album Nokia 808 Pictures is lost!!!" And he links to - who else - Steve Litchfield writing about the issue here at AllAboutSymbian marcoferrari Steve writes: "Internet services, it seems, just can't resist fiddling with their APIs. And clearly something at Facebook's end has been tweaked just a little, since the social image sharing built into Gallery on Symbian Belle FP2 now doesn't work anymore.  Symbian Developers does report that all still works for Belle FP1 and before though, 'thanks to Nokia Social' being used instead for the sharing bit."

The issue has been discussed on Nokia Discussions and on Symbian Developers. Especially on Nokia Discussions, people are extremely disappointed to say the least - I guess they are trying to stay polite, being on a Nokia Forum, the reactions on AllAboutSymbian are a bit more emtional I might add. More info and several updates after the break! FrankieBloise
On Twitter you can read an interesting discussions between Frankie Bloise and Nokia Care, showing that at the latter they don't have a clue about what's going on - I'm not going to copy and paste it here, just follow this link - it's kind of hilarious in fact. Here's another one between Rudy Pineda and Nokia Care US. Both times, Nokia keeps referring to this link, suggesting to install a "fix for Gallery Image Share".

In fact, it's Nokia/Microsoft that should provide the specific fix this time. Less hilarious (by far) is that many people lost their complete collection of whatever they shared from their Nokia 808 PureView on Facebook - several hundreds of shots in some cases. And the problem might just be that these shots are never coming back, since chances that Microsoft will work on an API update of Symbian Belle 2 are extremely close to zero - or is Symbian still owned and maintained by Nokia? I wouldn't know for sure to be honest.

Like I'm not sure why that would mean that complete picture albums would disappear from Facebook forever though. If someone here could shed his or her light on that matter I'd be grateful - and I am sure I'm not alone.

Update: I just received a remarkable reaction on Facebook by T Chendil Kumar, writing (I had to edit his reaction a bit) "My 808 album of 4000 plus pics vanished overnight :-( I was unable to upload 808 pics on fb. I emailed all the pics to my iPad and then transferred to Facebook. Has MS abandoned 808?"  Now I have a hard time believing anyone would send over 4000 shots to Facebook at once, so I guess quite a few of them were already there anyway - but still. If it's true also shots uploaded from other devices are now gone, there could be something else going on? Below, you can read World of Elegance's reaction: "I not only lost the photos in the Nokia 808′s album but also the photos in other albums as well. I’m pissed off. I won’t have anything to do with Micro$oft’s mobile products anymore. If MS/Nokia will not do anything about this, people should stay away from them."

But is this Microsoft at work, or Facebook? Also, although I have to admit I'm not sure about the  mysterious ways Facebook works - if I do a simple search for "Nokia 808" I find... Exactly. Nothing. Update: that was yesterday evening. I do find several groups now. So the question now is whether this is only a problem with the updated/changed API, or that the results coming from the Nokia 808 PureView have disappeared altogether, even when uploaded from another device. Somehow, I find that pretty hard to believe. If you have another explanation, don't hesitate to share your thoughts below. Also, please let me know if you find your shots again on Facebook. Meanwhile, I will try to get some answers myself as well (but I'm not holding my breath). Stay tuned. Update 2: In more reassuring news, Timothy Choi writes Choi Update 3 More reassuring news comes from NokiaPowerUser nokiapoweruserPlease check if that works for you and let yourself be heard below, thanx! :-) Update 4 More good news coming from @Nokia Care Nokia CareI asked on Twitter if people already noticed change in finding their 808 PureView shots in "Mobile Uploads" but haven't heard anything really positive so far. On the contrary, my friend Sawan Bruins writes: Sawan On the other hand, my British friend Stephen Quin just confirmed Quin
So what's it going to be boys, yes or no? :-) I'm getting the impression all shots are being moved to the new folder which might take a considerable amount of time in some cases. Please let me know as soon as you have the impression your issue has been resolved, thanks!