An Amsterdam Afternoon - Nokia 808, 930 & 1020, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3 (3)

You've already seen two posts from my trip to Amsterdam, where I went on a bright day with heavy clouds, carrying not only the Lumia 930, Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3, but in fact also the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020. I didn't get all scenes with all smartphones for different reasons. Sometimes the fast changing light just drove me crazy. Sometimes too many people suddenly crowded the scene I chose. Sometimes I simply forgot one.

I selected four more scenes I captured that afternoon and I will present them to you here in this and the next post. In this first post you'll see two canals once more - that's what the city is so famous for. The first one with bikes (another Dutch specialty so to say - be really careful for their reckless drivers once in Amsterdam, chances are you are in their way just about wherever you are).

What you're looking at is the Beulingsloot, so unknown I had to look it up in fact. The word "sloot" mean "ditch" by the way - it wasn't considered a real canal, but you can go through it with a small boat. Here we go. I want to focus on the new kids in town first, so let's start with the Nokia Lumia 930 again, LG G3 next and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom third. 1 Nokia Lumia 930 - 5MP - Amsterdam Bikes LG G3 1 LG G3 - 10MP - Amsterdam Bikes Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - 15MP - Amsterdam Bikes I'm not 100% sure about the difference in direct sunlight, but there is no shadow in any of these shots so I have to guess it's comparable at least. And again we see the Nokia Lumia 930 giving the "darkest" result and the Galaxy K Zoom lack contrast (it's a bright but also pale shot). This is one scene were suddenly a group of tourists wanted to get the same shot, after I captured it with the Nokia Lumia 1020 (so I can't share it from the Nokia 808 PureView). 1 Nokia Lumia 1020 - 5MP - Amsterdam Bikes As for the crops, I won't zoom in on the second bridge in the background: I focused on the bikes. Like you're used to, I'll share the crops according to size, starting with the 5MP from the Nokia Lumia 930, followed by the same resolution of the Lumia 1020 (I always shoot in 5MP/34MP or 38MP, never in RAW in fact). 1 Nokia Lumia 930 - 5MP - Amsterdam Bikes 1 Nokia Lumia 1020 - 5MP - Amsterdam Bikes Clear to see here as well, the 930 result is quite a bit darker than the 1020 as well, wihch does effect the color, making the bike a bit more blue than it was. Next: 10MP from the LG G3 1 LG G3 - 10MP - Amsterdam Bikes Not bad, but less smooth and a bit over sharpened to me in this case. Details become a bit smudgy. Next: 15.1MP from the Galaxy K Zoom 1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - 15MP - Amsterdam Bikes A much cleaner shot, but details look a bit too smooth now suddenly, although you can see considerable amount of details (look at the welding of the frame for instance). Let's go to the 16MP shot from the Lumia 930 1 Nokia Lumia 930 - 16MP - Amsterdam Bikes You can still make out the welding in the frame, but since the shot is on the dark side once more, details like those seem to be hidden. Of course, with the 34MP result from the Lumia 1020 you'll get a lot closer. 1 Nokia Lumia 1020 - 34MP - Amsterdam Bikes
It's pretty hard to pick a winner here, isn't it? In this case I'd say the LG gives the least result. Personally I think the K Zoom is a bit too "hazy" (due to its lack of contrast). I feel 1020 however detailed isn't the best with it's high-res results (misses lack of oversampling more than we know from the 808 PureView). So that leads me to prefer the Lumia 930, although I'm starting to wonder why its results tend to be darker in general. You'll see the same in the next shot from the Singel canal and the Koepel church. Lumia 930, LG G3 and Galaxy K Zoom first. 4 Nokia Lumia 930 - 5MP - Singel Amsterdam 4 LG G3 - 10MP - Singel Amsterdam 4 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - 15MP - Singel Amsterdam
See the difference? Something else is at work here, too. With the Nokia Lumia 930 you will change the contrast in your shot if you focus on the brighter of brightest parts. Since I focused on the tower in the background with all three, the Lumia 930 will adjust to the sky.

That's why the sky is so much clearer in that shot (love it!) and why the sky in the other two shots is so much paler - no matter where your touch the screen, the LG and Samsung will not adjust the contrast (which is a big disadavantage, as you will see in my next post). In this case, I captured the same scene with the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 as well. 808 PureView first (resized from 8MP), Lumia 1020 second. All devices were on automatic settings by the way. 4 Nokia 808 PureView - 8MP - Singel Amsterdam 4 Nokia Lumia 1020 - 5MP - Singel Amsterdam
Here again you see a difference in "interpretation" so to say. Colors of the Lumia 1020 look more saturated, but not as much as it used to before the update to Cyan (at least, that's my impression, I can't compare since I only have one Lumia 1020). The shot of the Nokia 808 PureView is a bit "colder", which some prefer as being more realistic.

As for me, I think the colors of the Lumia 1020 are more pleasing, and when comparing these five resized shots there is no doubt in my mind I'd choose the result of the Lumia 1020 - but that's also because of the direct sunlight the Lumia 930 clearly missed. Now, let's have a look at the crops. Focussing on the Church in the background, it's only logical to see what the details in the far distance look like... 5MP's first, from Lumia 930 and Lumia 1020. 4 Nokia Lumia 930 - 5MP - Singel Amsterdam 4 Nokia Lumia 1020 - 5MP - Singel Amsterdam Considering the fact that the Lumia 1020 also adjustes itself depending on where you touch the screen to focus, you might think this crop proves the Lumia 930 will always give you a darker shot, but again: this is the result of the direct sunlight. I know it makes it hard to compare these shots - it was the reason why I didn't publish them earlier - but I think you're interested in them anyway as long as we don't come to false conclusions. Next up: the 8MP result I got from the Nokia 808 PureView 4 Nokia 808 PureView - 8MP - Singel Amsterdam Bright and sunny as well. Detailed too, nothing much to complain about I guess. Next: LG G3 10MP. 4 LG G3 - 10MP - Singel Amsterdam Again, details are oversharpened but mind you: this comes from a smaller sensor. Its resolution might be bigger than from the previous shot, but the Nokia 808 of course has a much bigger sensor and PureView technology - this simply proves it works. Next up, crop from the 15.1MP shot from the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 4 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - 15MP - Singel Amsterdam Not bad I'd say - quite a suprise, since I'm generally not blown away by the details when I'm not using any of its optical zoom. Of course, if you really want to capture the tower from this distance, a 10x optical zoom is the way to go. On to the Lumia 930 and its 16MP result (again, keep in mind the sun was hiding when I took the shot). 4 Nokia Lumia 930 - 16MP - Singel Amsterdam The fact the sun was hiding probably gives me way less detail than I would have gotten with direct sunlight. Still, details are comparable with the Galaxy K Zoom I'd say, although the leaves of the treas are a bit of a mess. Last: the big sensors of the 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 at work. 808 first. 4 Nokia 808 PureView - 34MP - Singel Amsterdam 4 Nokia Lumia 1020 - 34MP - Singel Amsterdam
First of all, I'm still amazed how close you can get with these resolutions. Second, this is a rare time where I can say the Lumia 1020 is definitely performing better than the 808 PureView - maybe my focus was off with the 808 PureView, but again I think colors and contrast are much better. So again, the LG G3 loses here, but for its smaller sensor it does present a decent general image. It's not the best choice for zooming into details, of course.

The K Zoom has surprised me with its detail, but in general I think - as I've written before - its shots lack contrast if you keep everything on auto (and working with the manual settings has some disadvantages too, as I will share in yet another post). Again, it has much more possibilities when it comes to "getting closer" with its optical zoom and in that sense it will surpass any other camera phone at the moment.

Where the Galaxy K Zoom tends to be too bright, the Lumia 930 often is on the dark side of the spectrum, but generally gives great detail nevertheless and a pleasing result. In this last case however, the difference in sunlight presented a major disadvantage. The battle of the big sensors in the last comparison has clearly been won by the Lumia 1020 as far as the crops are concerned. In general, I do like the colors and contrast of the Lumia 1020 better as well, but that's a matter of taste. It will be no surprise I added all the original shots from this comparison to the same album on Flickr for you to enjoy in detail. You'll find it here. I hope to find your reactions below.