Why have Nokia 808 PureView pictures disappeared from Facebook? (2)

Exactly one week ago, I wrote this post about many people noticing their Nokia 808 PureView albums appear to have vanished from Facebook. Since last week more and more users have noticed the same thing happen to their shared memories, whereas others find their shots in a folder called "mobile uploads".

The last seem to be a minority, although those not affected by a problem usually do not react. You can find part of the discussion on Twitter if you search for " Facebook PureViewClub", but I scrolled through my timeline to get some interesting discussions, like this one, between Andy Hagon and Stephen Quin. The latter - a good PureView friend from the UK - is the (lucky) one who found all his shots in the "mobile uploads" folder, but Andy - another PureView friend from the US - is not so lucky: Andy Hagon
Andy has his shots on Flickr as well though, and - as others have pointed out during the discussion - it would be strange to count on Facebook as your photo archive. Not just since you never know what might happen with this kind of online storage, but also that your original shots will be compressed to hell. As for now,  Nokia Care can't do much more than repeating that the matter is "under investigation".

That might look a bit lazy, but I can imagine that investigating something over at Facebook is not an easy thing to do. So maybe this will help as well: a very interesting contribution by Jan Ole Suhr, developer of the once sacred Gravity application (check the link if you still use your 808 PureView). I pulled him into the discussion since I wondered if uploads from Gravity can still be found on Facebook - or not. Here's is the complete thread I think is interesting enough to write this post about. From that, I will quote the following. Jan Ole 1 Jan Ole b
The second line is most important to me - "when revoking an app yourself, you can optionally delete all content associated with it, if I recall correctly". I'm not sure if this is true, but if it is, it would explain why compete albums vanish long after upload: that was something I didn't understand at all. Now of course, everyone should keep his own shots on his PC and on at least one extra harddisk, preferably in a cloud solution like Flickr, One Drive, Drive or whatever suits you best.

But this is not only about the shots, this is about memories shared too, texts written. To many, Facebook has become a public diary. So I'm quite sure many Nokia 808 PureView users will have lost lots of memories dear to them. So I think it's of vital importance Nokia/Microsoft and Facebook get this sorted out. Even though the Nokia 808 has never been the most popular phone on the planet. Just imagine this would happen to a folder where the iPhone shots are being stored on Facebook...  It would be on every major news station in the world.