Nokia 808 PureView shots, albums and memories suddenly reappear on Facebook

Wow, it's certainly cheering quiet a few people up that all the shots they shared on Facebook from their Nokia 808 PureView have suddenly reappeared. I'm not sure what has happened - don't think anyone is ever going to tell me - but a few weeks ago many 808 PureView shots shared in posts (even complete Nokia 808 albums of over a few thousand shots!) suddenly vanished.

With those, all the added comments, memories, likes and reactions vanished as well. So the whole issue wasnt about people relying on Facebook as their back-up, as much as people frustrated to see a huge part of their history just gone into oblivion - it seemed.

This evening, I learn everything has reappeared just like if nothing has ever happened - at all. And I'm pretty sure no-one is going to tell me what made that possible either. You can read a few of the reactions in this discussion on Twitter (started by Mark Coley). I'll just share this screenshot, I'm sure many more reactions will follow :-) 808 return on Facebook a 808 return on Facebook b