Divine Fireworks, with the Nokia Lumia 1020

You know that now and again I highlight shots from other people here as well - in fact, there are at least two mobile photographers I'm planning to feature in due time. This one shot however is just begging to be shared.

I first saw it in the Nothing But A Nokia group on Facebook, where hundreds of ardent mobile photographers show what they achieve with their Nokia phones - it's really worth joining! A few years ago in France, during an impressive thunderstorm heading my way, I tried to capture the lightning. I've been making several dozens of shots before it started to rain - and failed for the most part (you'll see the best I got in the add I keep repeating at the bottom of my posts). So from experience, I know you must have extreme patience and some love from above to capture a scene like this... Divine Fireworks by Kirstie McGuinness 640 x 360 watermark As you can see, the shot was captured by Kirstie McGuinness (Las Vegas). I contacted here on Facebook and asked if I could see and share the original shots - and I promised to add a watermark so that others won't be able to claim it's theirs.

I asked about how she managed to do this and she wrote: The shot was taken with a Lumia 1020, focus set to infinity, shutter speed set to 4 seconds. It was July 4, 2014 and my family and I were at the annual fireworks show in Boulder City, NV. We had set up our seats at the golf course so we could overlook the park where they set off the fireworks. I had my phone in the Nokia camera grip mounted on a mini tripod setting on the side of my dad's truck. My husband and I tried different settings for taking the shots. He has more photography experience than I, so he found the ideal setting much more quickly than I would have.

As the fireworks show began, a storm approached as well. I was focused on trying to get a shot of the fireworks, so I just kept clicking photos hoping for a good one. When the lightening struck, I noticed that I happened to get the shot of it. I was so shocked to see the image on my screen! We looked at it with wonder then nobody touched the phone until I could get home to download the image for fear that it might get accidentally deleted. It was a once in a lifetime shot for me. Im a novice photographer and only got interested in it because of Lumia and instagram. The Lumia community and shots like these that make me want to improve my skills and keep me excited.

Well, I'm glad Kirstie allowed me to share it here as well. And not only that, you'll find the original shots on the PureViewClub Flickr page as well, in 5MP and 34MP. Like I wrote I added the watermarks. I hope you like this single shot as much as I do! :-)