Introducing Massis Sirapian - passionate PureView photographer from Paris, France

There are quite a few mobile photographers whose work I've been following with increasing interest during the last months and I'm happy to feature some of them here. I have had the honour to introduce mobile photographers whose work I admire and really think deserves your attention.  Like – in no particular order -  Javier Garcia GonzaloDetkoDaveTopolino70Baron ChatMs. JenDaniel CheongRichard DormanMohamed Ahmed Saleh and Deepak Khoenie.

Please do check the previous posts I linked to if you haven’t done so already, I promiss you their work is worth your time! This time I want to share some shots from the French photographer Massis Sirapian.

I asked him for some background information, and he pointed me to an interview from earlier this month (which I have  missed) at  TheMobilePhotographyBlog . From this interview I learned (among other things) that the Nokia N8 was the device that really got him hooked on mobile photography. No wonder his next steps were the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020. Here's one of his shots - click on each shot to see the original (in all formats) on Flickr. Massis Sirapian - Aleksanterinkatu Judging from his work I had the impression he works with the raw .DNG output a lot, and hence I asked him if the Lumia 1020 still is his daily driver.

He wrote: "You're right. Since I have the 1020, my daily driver is the Lumia. The 808 is now my 41MP night stand clock ^_^ And, camera apart, given everything I can do on my 1020 (manage multiple Exchange accounts, personal and profesional, onedrive/onenote/office, etc.), I could no longer use the 808 for my daily use. So as the 1020 is always with me, it has become my favourite. Besides, it is more versatile than the 808. When I had to use HDR for indoors like church, cathedral, etc. with the 808, the 1020 allows handheld shots with the OIS and RAW. Massis Sirapian - Old and New
Speaking of RAW, I exclusively shoot RAW and as a consequence, I have to postprocess ("to develop") the digital negative. I work on Linux, so I use Darktable (=Lightroom, but free software) to process the RAWs. I usually correct exposure, balance shadows and highlights, clarity. I don't consider they are heavily postprocessed and even when I do HDR, I always prefer a photorealistic render. I didn't know anything about DNG and RAW before Nokia brought it to their devices (and before getting a 1020 in March this year), and once you've tasted it, it's difficult to return to "basic JPG". This being said, I never share pictures/portraits of my family/friends ; I sometimes develop the RAW, sometimes use directly the Pureview JPG."

For this post I downloaded only four of his shots to share them here. You've seen two already, the next two are in full colour and in black and white. I'm sure you understand my admiration for his work. Massis Sirapian - Happy Hour Massis Sirapian - Natural History Museum I'm sure you just as impressed as I am with Massis' work. I usually see (and retweet) his fantastic shots on Twitter, and you' ll find all his PureView photography in original format here on Flickr.