Nokia 808 PureView: twenty-four amazing results

When you are a regular visitor of the PureViewClub, no doubt you will know Pixel Peter. He has been contributing a lot at the club, in his own blogposts and in the comments to what I've been posting here.

Recently, I asked him to compile a special set on Flickr with the results he likes the most from his Nokia 808 PureView - and I certainly wasn't disappointed!

Before I send you over to that set beautiful shots, I will show some of them here - to wet you appetite. It's twenty-four shots in total, so I can't share them all: you'll find twelve of them in this post. Click on each shot to see the original on Flickr in a seperate window.

It all started with this shot - a pun, actually, you'll immediately see why :-)

Peter Meijs - Natural Charm

Next is a great black and white shot taken at the Central Station in the Dutch city Leiden

Peter Meijs - Leiden Centraal Station

Back to a fantastic and very colourful shot!

Peter Meijs - Fiets 6725

More colours, but now of a different kind: HDR.

Peter Meijs - HDR paint

Now let's take a taxi for a ride in HDR...

Peter Meijs - Taxi

The cab is taking us out in the country, to more HDR, but now in b/w. Peter writes: "This is a not maintained scale model of a Dutch windmill. For this HDR image I used the bracketing function of the Nokia 808 PV (+ - 2EV). Merging and basic black and white conversion in Photomatix and dramatic touch applied with ACR and Photoshop."

Peter Meijs - Abandoned windmill

And now that we're outside, how about this stunning shot?

Peter Meijs - Clouds

Returning inside... Here is one of his most intruiging shots...

Peter Meijs - Silhouette

Another shot from inside, looking out... Peter explains: "An exercise in capturing highlights in the glass. This shot therefore deliberately underexposed by 1 stop and developed in ACR".

Peter Meijs - Glass

More glass. This is in fact a shot I've shared months ago - but it's so gorgeous I don't mind doing so again. Peter writes: Leaves in water in art object "Balans" in the garden of the Singer museum in Laren, the Netherlands."

Peter Meijs - Balance

And while we're at the subject of glass and glasses... Here's his HDR result from what seems to be a pub somewhere

Peter Meijs - Pub

I could go on forever, but I'll conclude with this amazing shot from a Ventian mask.

Peter Meijs - Venetian Mask

And that concludes my selection of twelve shots of the twenty-four Pixel Peter selected on my request. Don't forget: all these shots were captured with the Nokia 808 PureView!

You can find his remarkable, beautiful and very inspring work here on Flickr. I want to thank Peter for his time to make this compilation from his work and making me share it here at the PureViewClub. I'd appreciate it if you would let him know what you think of these shots below!

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