Transitions - a beautiful site with stunning shots from the Nokia Lumia 1020 on "Black"

I just learned Nokia published quite a stunning site with shots taken during a journey in New Zealand - Christchurch, Kaikoura, Broken River, Westland and Wanaka to be exact - how I'd love to go there once!  Here's what it says on the front page:

"Action sports are about journeys. The people we meet, places we visit and the tricks we learn are all part of it. Whether you're a beginner making your first turns or a pro with their eye on the next contest or video part, these journeys define what it means to be a rider. In September 2013, six riders took a journey around New Zealand's South Island, documenting the trip with the Nokia Lumia 1020. This is what we found."

Check it out, click on the link to find Transitions. There's lots of more interesting information to read over there, and another great thing about it, is that you can download the shots you like - in the 5MP "raw" (!) format, which means they were all taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020 running on the Windows Phone "Black" update!

I downloaded seven shot for you (hope Nokia doesn't mind :-) and even shared those on my the PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr as well. Check out the quality of these shots over there, makes me look forward to receiving the Black update even more...

Update: here's a direct link to the raw gallery.

Transitions_Lumia1020_Raw_02 Transitions_Lumia1020_Raw_07 Transitions_Lumia1020_Raw_09 Transitions_Lumia1020_Raw_11 Transitions_Lumia1020_Raw_16 Transitions_Lumia1020_Raw_18Advertisement

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