More PureView photography from Hungary

When you've been following the PureViewClub for a longer period, you already know Detko Dave, a brilliant young mobile photographer from Hungary and one of the best imaging ambassadors Nokia has (at least I think so).

The last few weeks I've been folllowing the work of another Hungarian mobile photographer: Harcz Gergő. You will find his work on Flickr, but he shares his work on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Going through his work, I'm getting the impression he's really discovering his talent with several Nokia devices, like the Nokia 808 PureView, the Lumia 920, 925 and 1020.

If he has used these on trial or owns them all I don't know. He's been getting some fantastic results even with mobile camera's I have to admit I hardly even touch anymore... So that makes me realize once again: it's not just the camera, it's who has it in his (or her) hands as well.

In this post I'll share a selection from his shots in no particular order. Hover with your mouse over the shots to see which camera took it, and click on the shots to see the originals on Flickr.



Black and white


Bad weather

Autumn Leave



Impressive shots right? I think they're inspiring and even make me want to try out the "old" 920 again. You can buy it for a bargain by now, and in a lot of these shots you've seen what it's capable of! But don't hesitate to share what you think of these shots below... :-)

Check out more of his work where he's sharing it: on  Flickr, Twitter and  Instagram. And while I'm at it: please join the PureViewClub on  TwitterFacebookFlickrGoogle+ and/or  Instagram.

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