Amsterdam Nightshots - around NEMO building

A bit more than a year ago, I shared some amazing nightshots from the Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia introduced Optical Image Stabilization with this device, and I was stunned what I could achieve with it - you'll find that post with shots from Amsterdam  here.

In a few of those 920 shots, you'll see the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. The design of this remarkable building (designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano) looks like a ship, but it in fact "mirrors" the tunnel it is built upon.

Last night, thanks to a trip organized by Nokia in the Netherlands, I had the chance to capture it again, but now with the Nokia Lumia 1020, pretty close from a boat floating around it.

Now making nightshots is one thing, making them from a moving boat is another. You can't really fool around with longer exposure time - your shot will be a moving mess sooner than you like.

In this case, I left all settings on auto, except for exposure value. I put that a bit lower to avoid the bright spots on the building to burn in the shots (I have to admit I'm not sure if exposure value was on -0.3 or lower).

Also, to force shorter exposure time (to avoid movement), I used the flash in all these shots. Since it was becoming very foggy that night, you will see the drops reflected in the later shots.

Please keep in mind it wasn't just foggy but also already pitch-dark out there. You will find the original 5MP shots on Flickr as well. I chose to share these shots in a video and added some music to it - these shots just beg for it.

First, I added the first minutes from Echoes from Pink Floyd's Meddle, but it appears Pink Floyd doesn't want their music to be shared: it was muted by YouTube immediately.

So I chose for a modern composition that might remind you of Pink Floyd a bit: Serene for flute and tape by the late Dutch composer Ton Bruynèl. Interesting music as well (at least I think so), and chances you know it already are minimal.

Please choose fullHD and watch these shots fullscreen - and you might want to listen to the music on your headphones.

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