An early Christmas gift: 30 PureView wallpapers

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... everywhere I go. And not just in the shopping streets, gardens and living rooms, also every other televison commercial is reminding me I should be getting something nice for my loved ones.

So this morning I thought it would be a nice idea to serve the PureViewClub visitors a special round as well. You know the club is open 24 hours and all posts are already on the house, but I hope you'll appreciate this small token of my appreciation for you being my guest here

It's getting pretty crowded at the club - there's several thousands of you every day - so I made a large and very diverse selection of thirty my own PureView shots from this year to choose from. Now it's not that I'm the best mobile photographer here (far from it even, I know). But it would be funny to offer other people's shots as your possible desktop wallpapers, wouldn't it? :-)

You see the resized versions below - you'll find bigger versions in the dedicated set on Flickr. There you will find the 1600 x 900 pixel versions, which usually is enough for a desktop. If you want the same shot but still bigger, you'll have to look for it at the  PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr. 1941 mobile phone Amsterdam bridge Barcelona Llobregat

Bearded dragons Chevrolet 2 Chevrolet Colored vases Dark night on the water Faders Ferrari 458 Italia 2 Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari California 30 FT Bonito detail Grapes Groningen ships Hilversum City Hall Morning light Mushrooms and heather Nle Rodgers Nokia Communicator Nokia Lumia 925 Pedestrian bridge Port de Barcelona Red mushroom Ships HDR Stubborn kind of fellow Tao View on Nijmegen Winter 2 Winter

So that's it: my small early gift for Christmas, something to decorate your PC with :-) A selection of thirty of my PureView shots from this year you might want to use as your desktop wallpaper - coming from the Nokia 808 PureView and several Lumia's as well. Hope you'll enjoy using one or even a few of them!

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to give something around Christmas, do feel free to push the "Donate" button at the top right side and leave a tip for the bartender at the PureViewClub :-)

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