Mind-blowing panorama from a forest in France

I have no words to describe this, so I 'll leave it to the French photographer Massis Sirapian who shares his shots on Flickr. Today he published a panorama consisting of - as he describes it - "63 pictures stitched in a panorama projected stereographically".

All the shots were made handheld with his Nokia 808 PureView. I was writing another post in fact, but I was so blown away by this shot I wanted to share it with you immediately.

Here it is. It's like an iris, but you don't need me to see that. I think it's absolutely mind-blowing. Click on the shot to see the original on Flickr - don't forget to check it out in the larger sizes!

Massis forrest

I just learned that over at the MobilePhotography blog Massis wrote a tutorial how to achieve something like this. Good luck in trying to achieve something as brilliant as this! :-)

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