Nikon seems worried about Nokia PureView, zoom and share

I noticed a Nikon campaign a few days ago, about the "I am spectacular zooming / sharing" of the Nikon CoolPix S9500. I don't get to watch television very much, so only later I noticed that campaign is months old already (maybe it was recently launched over here, I don't know). Zooming is possible thanks to a 22x optical zoom, whereas for sharing you need WiFi. It's a funny commercial so I'll share it below.

On YouTube

Now I don't think you can cover this ridiculous distance with 22x optical zoom, but overdoing it is what commercials usually are all about. Nevertheless, it seems quite clear the focus on "zooming and sharing" is inspired by Nokia's Lumia 1020. Although its zooming capacities don't even come close a 22x optical zoom, I'm getting the impression Nikon is getting worried about the amount of attention Nokia has been getting this year.

The impression even grows stronger with the next Nikon campaign, from which the last commercial was launched a few weeks ago. In this campaign, Nikon Asia suddenly coins "Pure Photography" - now that sounds awfully familiar to us, doesn't it?  You will find the different videos here.

I have no experience with this Nikon - and although I'd like to try it out one day, it will be a secondary device, not the one you always carry with you. So it looks like Nikon is getting worried about the competition from the newest generation of smartphone cameras, something camera companies didn't seem to be bothered with for years...

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