AT&T and Nokia release Lumia Black update (Updated :-)

Just an extremely short post at the end of the evening to point you to WPCentral where Daniel Rubino is writing  AT&T and Nokia release Lumia Black update for Lumia 1020 (and the Lumia 1520 is getting some new firmware as well).

Also, he wrote an update as to what's new in your Nokia Lumia 1020 - like adding raw .DNG up to 38MP (depending on the format you choose to shoot in.

1020_RAW_SupportYou will find all the information you're looking for in the posts I linked to. Mind you: this all appears to be AT&T only so far. I tried to find an update for the Lumia 1520 I'm using as well, but I'll have to be patient, like for the 1020 update, like so many of us... Good to see it's getting there though!

Update: from today, you may find some very interesting shots from the Lumia 1020 on Amber and a Lumia 1020 on Black over at AllAboutWindowsPhone. You will have to go over there to see the differences, but I will share Steve Litchfield's conclusion here however:

It should be emphasised that the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera hasn't exactly been under-achieving - it wins just about any smartphone camera shootout it even gets a sniff at. Yet there was always a feeling that the hardware was stellar but that something in the image processing wasn't quite 'right' under certain conditions and for certain subjects.

The Nokia Black update, as far as I can see, takes the Lumia 1020 camera to the next level again and will further distance it from any competition. Less noise, more accurate colours, purer photos and smaller file sizes all mean that the best just got better.

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