Nokia Camera Beta for more Lumia devices

A few days ago, Nokia released Nokia Camera Beta and it's available for download for anyone with a Nokia Lumia running on Windows Phone 8. So you don't need the "PureView label (like the 925 or 1020) anymore to work with some of the greatest imaging software on your own Lumia.

The launch of this beta (so not yet completely finished) application was announced on Nokia Conversations, where they write: Initially, it will look and act the same as the existing Nokia Camera app. The first phase of the beta is to make sure it works to the same high standards across the product range. 

But over time, experimental new features will be added, refined, and – once they’re completely ready – deployed to the stable, non-Beta Camera app through the normal Store update process. So download the Nokia Camera beta app now and get new features faster! But as with any beta software, the app might be unstable and you may hit other issues – be patient!

On Nokia Conversations they link to Nokia Beta Labs, where you will need to register first. But if for whatever reason you don't want to go through that, there is a direct link that was sent to me by my loyal tipper Nikhil Joshi from India. You will find a direct download to Nokia Camera Beta for your Lumia here.

Nokia Camera Beta 641 x 385

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