Driving through a rainstorm, captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020

It made me think of Randy Newman's song  Rider in the Rain, but luckily I wasn't on a horse in the terrible rain this evening (although at this moment the weather in the US East Coast- terrible snow - and UK West Coast - more rain - is much worse than here).

I captured how I drove home through the short thunderstorm with my Nokia Lumia 1020, just to see how it would capture the colors of the lights in the rain - and because of Rich Recording of course (reason why I didn't add any music, apart from the fact YouTube always complains when I do).

I put the focus to infinite, so the camera would be showing me everything happening behind the windscreen (instead of capturing the rain in close-up). For dramatic effect, I didn't use my windscreen wipers all the time (but often enough, no worries :-)

So this is just about the atmosphere, the colours and the sound. Be warned though, that while the video will take about five minutes of your precious time, nothing really happens :-) Don't forget to choose FullHD and full screen, and your headphones might come in handy too.

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