Introducing Javier - a passionate, self taught mobile photographer from Spain

Here at the PureViewClub, I have had the pleasure to introduce mobile photographers whose work I find fascinating before, like (in no particular order)  DetkoDave, Topolino70Baron Chat, Ms. Jen, Daniel Cheong, Richard Dorman and  Mohamed Ahmed Saleh. Please do check these posts if you haven't done so already, I promiss you they're worth your time!

In this post I will introduce you to a 24 year old mobile photographer from Spain, Javier Garcia Gonzalo.

A few days ago, I started noticing a stream of tweets coming from @JavierJagg who started sharing his shots more or less out of the blue it seemed. Interesting shots, close-ups coming from the Nokia 808 PureView, nightshots from the Nokia Lumia 1020, you name it.


I was intrigued by the quality of his shots and the amount he was sharing, so after shot no. 45 I asked him how many shots we could still expect - and he replied there were over 550 still coming... Wait whut? About 600 shots coming our way?

I wrote him a "direct message" - told him I liked his shots, but I wasn't always too thrilled about the way he used his intriguing watermark "Happiness... utopia" - in quite a few cases they were a bit intrusive I thought.

Happiness Utopia

And in the short chat that followed, much to my astonishment he wrote me he just started taking photos February last year and he doesn't really know anything about photography.

After understanding he basically was a young self taught photographer I asked him to send me some shots (without the watermark) and write me more about himself. This morning I received his e-mail.


Javier wrote he lives in Erandio, a town near to Bilbao in the Basque Country (the Northern part of Spain). In summer he stays at the coast in the small town of Noja in Santander (about 80km to the West).

Javier has a strong urge to express himself artistically. He began drawing as a child, he wrote some poems when he matured and during his years at the university he wrote stories for children, teenagers and adults.


He became a primary school teacher and he discovered photography as another way for him to express himself artistically. He bought a Nokia 808 PureView, but much to his surprise, he didn't like the shots as much as those coming from his old Nokia C7. That's when he began working with all the possible settings on the device, a "continues learning process" as he describes it.

Every day he learned how to take a picture in a different way. Trying out new shots every time, he noticed he was slowly mastering the device - "I noticed it became easier for me to make exactly the picture I wanted".


Being a teacher, during that learning proces he realized a lot of people must have similar problems taking shots, so he started making videos with his pictures including the settings he used, to show people how to use their Nokia 808 PureView in the best way.

This one for example, about making nightshots by changing ISO settings and white balance.

On YouTube

In the summer of last year, he sent some of his shots to a photography competition in Noja, winning the first prize. He started helping out people asking questions on the Nokia Spain Facebook page. Soon after, Nokia Spain made him one of the five Spanish testers of the Nokia Lumia 1020. This is the shot from his Nokia 808 PureView he won the competition with:

WP_20140114_23_03_19_Pro 640x360

Since then, he is continuously helping people on Facebook with their imaging issues and even teaching people in some telephony stores to help people out using Windows Pone and how to take pictures.

He's posting about Nokia and about applications and sharing his shots on Facebook and Twitter, where last night he posted no. 64 of what will be around 600 shots.

Sin Tripode

Javier Garcia Gonzalo is only 24 years old and doesn't edit his shots - he only uses Gimp to crop his shots when necessary and to put the watermark in.

And what about that watermark? It's from the title of his first poem: "Happines... utopia of life".

On YouTube

You will find all of his videos on YouTube here. You may want to follow Javier on Twitter as I do. I love not only his passion for mobile photography, but also for sharing his knowledge with other people. No wonder, of course - we're obvious soul mates in that respect...

I hope you like his story and his work as much as I do - don't hesitate to let us both know below :-)

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