Gorgeous Nokia PureView macro shots

I have to say I've seen work like this before coming from - him again - Detko Dave from Hungary: great macro shots realized with a Nokia device and an extra camera lens.

Coming from Hungary as well, Harcz Gergö works in the same way, using a telescope viewfinder's lens. He just composed a dedicated set on Flickr for all the macro shots he made with this lens and his Nokia devices.

You will find the set on Flickr here, in this post you'll find some screenshots I made, like this one:

HGERII 2 642 x 376Of course, you will see popular themes as well in his collection. Especially bees and ladybugs make for a great subject to try to get a great close-up.

HGERII 4 641 x 284But there are more insects, like spiders. I'm not a great fan of these creatures, but shot like this, they do look gorgeous. Do check his heart cleverly composed of matches...

HGERII 1 640 x 360Like I said, these are just a few screenshots, I hope this post has inspired you to check out the dedicated set on Flickr yourself - you can download the shots there as well! :-)

HGERII 3 624 x 277

Update: I just learned that when you're not on Twitter, you can't see the shot of the lenses used in the link I shared above, so I'll show you here - there's actually not much to see, but it will give you a good impression of how "little" you need to make shots like these.

Harcz Lens

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