On A Clear Day You Can See Forever...

Now this has got nothing to do with PureView in itself and not even with "mobile photography", but maybe one day PureView technology will be used to realize something as stunning like this... On a clear day you can see forever is the title from a movie and a musical, but after you've seen this you'l understand why I was reminded of it.

It's Gizmodo that pointed me towards Co.Design and Gigapixel ArtZoom, where they - with the help of Microsoft's Research and their ICE software - realized a no less than 20 Gigapixel, 360 degree panorama of Seattle. Go there. See it for yourself. Look around. Zoom in.

I´ll quote this from Co.Design: To create Gigapixel ArtZoom, the team at Microsoft Research climbed the roof of an apartment building in downtown Seattle last October and took 2,368 22-megapixel photographs using a Canon DSLR camera outfitted with a professional-grade 400mm lens.

They then took these photos and pumped them into ICE, which in turn spit out a massive 20-gigapixel panorama. To put that in perspective, that image has 10,000 times as many pixels as an image seen on your HDTV. But that was the easy part. Once the panorama had been generated, Cohen's team set itself to the task of photographing people to composite into the finished shot.

Dance 640 x 360I total, you'll find 100 artists doing funny scenes to discover as "Easter Egg" in this incredible panorama - and you'll be guided to more information about them with each one you find. But it's not just that what's so amazing - it's an artistic excuse for some fabulous pixel peeping... To a level I don't think we've ever gone before.

You can almost look inside the houses that looked like no more than small dots at first. I've made screenshots of  a few details that were pretty hard to see in the original panorama, if at all. I could have gone even closer, but I settled for a pretty picture - it's amazing enough already :-) Like these houses on the hill - you won't even see them in the original panorama.

Huis 640 x 360Like the letters on the back of a tanker in the far distance...

Tanker 640 x 360The amount of detail is simply mind-blowing as you will see in the next two screenshots as well.

Needle ReservoirLike I said: I could go on forever - and it's tempting, but I won't. There are two videos of how this all was realized as well, I've embedded it below. It's all so incredibly amazing I just had  to share it here.

Have fun pixel peeping, and good luck with finding the "Easter Eggs" hidden in these gazillion of pixels over here :-) How I'd love to try to realize something like this with the Nokia Lumia 1020 one day...

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