Nokia's December MVC Award: Dávid Detkó!

Do you know Nokia's MVC Award? It's an award for the "Most Valued Connector". The initiative started last year, when Nokia Connects invited a few of their most valued bloggers,  Mark GuimJenifer HanenClinton JeffJason Goh and  Jay Montano as the jury of this Award.

Nokia's goal is to honor - and I quote - "people who are doing amazing things with Nokia to be recognised and appreciated as our Most Valued Connectors (MVCs). We’ll be picking an MVC every month starting from today, and to show our love for them we’ll be taking them on amazing and bespoke experiences… made by Nokia just for you!"

The jury picks a winner each month, and you can suggest your own favorite by sending - and I quote again -

  • a tweet to @Nokia_Connects with the url to the piece you are nominating + the #NokiaConnectsMVC hashtag (for images, videos or tweets)
  • and email to  Paul with the title “#NokiaConnectsMVC nomination” (for anything that requires more explanation or back story)

On Nokia Connects you'll find the previous winners. You'll see the award goes to someone making a giant Nokia cake or an application developer, but there are some amazing mobile photographers as well.

Their names will be quite familiar to those visiting the PureViewClub for a longer time: like Topolino70 (whose real name is  Tommi Vainionpaa), Olivier (aka MusicAddict1 on Twitter) and now of course Dávid Detkó ( @detkodave on Twitter). Just use the small search engine at the right top corner of this page to see how they have been featured at the club earlier.


To be completely honest for some reason the MVC Award escaped my attention until David Detko was announced winner for December today. And to be even more honest, I don't think a monthly award like this does his talent justice. But this way Nokia can honor twelve of the many passionate "Nokia Connectors" out there, and I'm very sure David's work will get wider recognition anyway.

I've already told the jury (including the new member Celine Navarro from France) there are more fantastic PureView photographers featured here at the PureViewClub - quite a few of them are  mentioned in this post. I feel very sure a few of them deserve an MVC Award as well :-)

PS. Following Dávid Detkó for a long time, I remember the shot featured by Nokia Connects very well. You'll find the incredibly detailed original here on his Flickr stream. And although an avid fan of the Lumia 1020, I can't resist adding it was shot with the Nokia 808 PureView. I'm sure David can pull a similar stunt with the Lumia 1020 though :-)

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