The Power of Raw

In a reaction on a recent, quite popular post in which he analyzed some of my shots, Harsh Verma added two of his own shots to share his experience with Raw development. It's a simple shot but a very strong example I think, so I downloaded the shots from the SkyDrive links he added.

I think his reaction is worth your attention so I just dedicate this short post to it. I quote from what he wrote earlier. The shot was captured with ISO 3200, Shutter Speed 4 sec.

This was the result.


The pic was automatically captured at not slight but heavily over-exposed by +3.0 ev. Next Harsh opened the .DNG file in Lightroom and simply oversampled to 5MP, without modifying any other parameter.

Now, this is the difference:


As Harsh writes: thats the flexibility, creativity and details you get with RAW, simply over-took the jpg by a margin here..! :-)

Well, just a short post about what Harsh Verma added under an earlier post. It showed me the power of Raw .DNG is even bigger than I thought.

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