Celebrating 5110 Twitter followers with Nokia Time Warp XIV: unpacking the Nokia 5110

I have to say it's absolutely amazing how fast the PureViewClub's following on Twitter has been growing in recent times. The 26th of June last year, I could celebrate the fact that I reached 3310 followers (which happened to coincide with post nr. 808 by the way). Today I'm proud to celebrate there are now #5110 followers of @PureViewClub on Twitter! :-) 5110 followers on Twitter To be able to celebrate this, a few weeks ago I was happy to find a (near) mint Nokia 5110 from 1998, including the package, booklet, accessories - and then some! :-)  So it's time for yet another edition of my Nokia Time Warp - number 14 to be exact. If the concept is new to you: the "Nokia Time Warp" is about unpacking a classic Nokia cell phone like if it were brand new, and capturing all of that with a recent Nokia PureView device (the 1020 in this case). Where necessary or useful, I'll add some information as well. Nokia 5110 - 1This is a phone I never used myself to be honest - it was a friend of mine, working in construction, who in 1998 always boasted about its unbreakable quality. So I've seen it in use, but the package I received a few weeks ago was completely new to me - my first Nokia (and first mobile phone even) was the 6150, one year later. Nokia 5110 - 2 Nokia 5110 - 3 Nokia 5110 - 4 Nokia 5110 - 5In fact, the 5110 had the same tough reputation that made the Nokia 3310 (that came two years later) as epic as it is until today. But I think it at the time the 5110 was practically undestructable as well. I guess it was the antenna that made it more vulnerable. I did find a Nokia 5110 in a puddle of water once though, and of course, it still worked (in fact: it still does). Nokia 5110 - 6 Nokia 5110 - 7In the next few shots you'll see the Nokia 5110 from all sides - you'll see it wasn't a very thin design, and the battery at the back of the device was pretty big too. It would keep your phone active for about a week (without recharging - depending on your use, of course). The only Nokia I know of remarkably improving that standby-time is the Nokia 6310, another Nokia device I was almost in love with - and it didn't even have a camera! :-) Nokia 5110 - 8 Nokia 5110 - 9 Nokia 5110 - 10 Nokia 5110 - 11 Nokia 5110 - 12 Nokia 5110 - 15Now this was already the time Nokia started offering colorful covers to personalize your phone - and it was very practicle as well if you for some reason scratched the surface of your phone. The person selling his Nokia 5110 did so with no less than all four of these original covers - green, yellow, red and blue! Nokia 5110 - 17 Nokia 5110 - 18So that made his offer completely irresistable to me. In the next shot from the top side of of the 5110, you'll see a big button. If you push that, you can remove the cover to change it for another color. Piece of cake. Nokia 5110 - 19 Nokia 5110 - 20After removing the keypad, you could easily put that into the front cover with the color of your choice. Nokia 5110 - 21 Nokia 5110 - 22And before you know it, you'll find your old Nokia 5110 looking bright new in a completely fresh outfit! :-) Nokia 5110 - 23 Nokia 5110 - 24 To conclude, here are all the "bare" front covers of the Nokia 5110... Nokia 5110 - 32 And as you can see below, Nokia promoted these originals with a small leaflet included in the package. Nokia 5110 - 29There isn't a whole lot to write about the Nokia 5110. It will make calls, send and receive text messages... But there is one more thing I really shouldn't forget about the Nokia 5110...  Unless I'm mistaken, it was the very first Nokia device that would make you play Snake! You know the importance of introducing a game on a mobile phone can't be exaggerated.

After Nokia coined its own ringtone (the famous Nokia Waltz) and different other melodies on a phone, and after inventing exchangeble covers like these, introducing a game on a phone was another essential, if not revolutionary development in the history of the mobile phone. So much for this 14th edition of my Nokia Time Warp series, celebrating the PureViewClub reached 5110 followers on Twitter. My next goal to celebrate will be 6600 followers! Did you own the Nokia 5110? What do you remember most about it, playing Snake for instance? Were you ever afraid of dropping it? :-) You’ll find all my Nokia Time Warps here…

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