How to shoot a time-lapse video with your Lumia

Just a short post about a remarkable "how to" on Nokia Conversations - the first part of how to shoot a time-lapse video, as explained by their MVC (Most Valued Connector) of November, Olivier Noirhomme from Belgium, aka @MusicAddict1 on Twitter and one of the Most Valued PureViewClub members I might add :-)

I featured his work regularly here, and in fact I guess I should have asked him to explain how he makes those wonderful time-lapses. But I didn't so I'm happy Nokia Conversations did. You'll read the requirements for getting started - to begin with a concept, the way to secure your smartphone, of course a power adapter, and: the right app!

Now there's way much more to read in how he describes his workflow, do's and don'ts, but openly suggesting "the right app" was a bit of a surprise to me. I've been wondering what kept Nokia away from adding "interval" to the menu of Nokia Camera, and it looks like we're going to have to wait for a bit longer, since they are suggesting Timelapse Pro and CameraPro.

I have nothing against dedicated third party apps, but it's kind of suprising the possibilities of Nokia Camera - however versatile - don't offer what we (the "old school" of PureView) were used to be able to control on the Nokia 808 PureView. Like: there's still no interval option?

Off-topic: there's more people are missing. In my poll, 89% of the visitors would like to see controls for sharpness, contrast, brightness and saturation. And one of the PureViewClub Forum members started a thread about what he's missing in the Lumia 1020, in his Improvement and Wish List where you might like to add something as well.

On-topic again. I really do welcome posts at Nokia Conversations like these - I think it's fantastic how they're constantly helping people to get the best out of their Lumia devices (and how the PureViewClub is helping them to find these people, too :-) So once more, here's the link to Olivier's "how to", from whom I will embed another time-lapse video as shared over there  - a time-lapse from @Massis_ I shouldn't forget to add!

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