Just for fun: Nokia Refocus in Lumia colors

Last weekend I noticed a row of pegs in Lumia colors, hanging in the sun in my mother's garden. It was quite windy, so it was a bit hard to realize a just about perfect Refocus, but I think I managed to.

I tweeted the result and that got retweeted quite a few times, more than any other of my Refocus shots. So I thought, why not write a post about it? I never really managed to embed a Refocus result in one of my posts, so I'll just share the link of the full-screen version with you here.

Below you will see screenshots of the different points of focus I managed to get this time - five!

Refocus 1

Refocus 2

Refocus 3

Refocus 4

Refocus 5In the last shot - with everything in focus - you'll see the very slight movement caused by the wind. ..

Refocus 6 (all)Was this urgent? No. Was this fun? I think so! :-) I'd just like my own Refocus account on the Internet, like I have with Instagram and Flickr, where I can share all my Refocus shots. Wouldn't that be neat, Nokia? Please make it possible :-)

Don't forget to check out the  full-screen version of this Nokia Refocus!
Update:  Nokia likes it a lot too :-)

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