Mobile World Congress 2014 - what to expect?

This is not about rumours, since however tempting, I try to stay away from them as much as possible. Way too many websites echo each others tech rumours. For instance, you will find more than 1.6 million hits when you check Google for the "Nokia X Normandy", and still about 39.000 when you narrow it down to " nokia normandy @evleaks" - @evleaks being the source of all of this:


I have nothing against tech rumours, don't get me wrong - @evleaks has been sharing some incredible accurate news in the recent past. I just don't think I've got much to add to it. Moreover, this new device - however "revolutionary" in being a possible Android variant - has got nothing to do with PureView technology.

Since I wrote about Nokia's invitation to their general press conference at the Mobile World Congress - entitled " Meet Us Under The Tree" - I noticed some people assuming I was referring to a special invitation to attend this meeting. Just like I was invited to come to New York to witness the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020 (which I had to miss unfortunately).

Meet us under the treeWhy am I writing all this? Well: I didn't get an "invitation" to attend Nokia's press conference. What I wrote about was more like a press release, a general announcement to meet Nokia "under the tree". Nokia didn't specifically contact the PureViewClub to attend the event, or offer to fly me in to make sure I'd witness it.

Combining that with @evleaks recent output, I can come to no other conclusion than that there will be no PureView news coming from Nokia during the Mobile World Congress this year. Unless a miracle happens. And why would there be: the Lumia 1020 just received its update to Black, the Lumia 1520 has only recently been released.

Yes, there have been other rumours - about new Lumia devices - but as long as they don't come from @evleaks I have a hard time believing them at all. And I remember last year, when not a word was said about the Lumia 1020 - there wasn't any PureView news then either.

2013-02-26-2828But I'll be going to Barcelona anyway, if only for a very short time. So I'll attend the Nokia press conference, no doubt. But to answer the question "what to expect?", I hope to present you with some PureView shots from the event itself. The atmosphere of the most important mobile congress in the world of our times.

I'm just wondering if you'd like to see shots from the upcoming products from other smartphone companies as well - or not at all. Would you like me to be your "eyes" and show you what's going on there, during a (probably not much more than) one day visit?

Anything else I might want to take into consideration? Don't hesitate to let me know - I'm not promising anything, but your suggestions could prove to be inspiring.


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