Post nr. 1020 - win a Nokia Lumia 1020!

I started the PureViewClub in 2012, shortly after the announcement of the Nokia 808 PureView. Since then I've written countless posts about Nokia's PureView technology, old and new Nokia devices,tips and tricks, news, reviews, essays, et cetera - and of course I've shared even more shots, captured by myself and by others.

Countless is not entirely true though: at this very moment you are reading post nr. 1020 - as you may know I have a thing with Nokia model numbers... So I contacted Nokia's PR Office in The Netherlands to ask them if they would have a Nokia Lumia 1020 to celebrate this special post with a contest.

And: they do! So - if you live in Europe - here's your chance to win a the Nokia Lumia 1020! It will be a former test sample in black, white or yellow, but it will be in great shape, including everything you'd find with a brand new sample, no doubt about that!

Nokia-808-Nokia-Lumia-1020-Yellow-2The first contest here at the PureViewClub was about the " Creative Mode" (as found in the Nokia 808 PureView). For this contest you need to be creative as well, but on a different level.

I'd like to challenge you to find the most original and creative way to promote the PureViewClub - in your own social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, whatever) or in any other way you'd like to think of. Let it be something funny, remarkable, weird, crazy - and of course original.

Besides yours truly, also Stella Jansen - director of the Nokia's PR Office in The Netherlands ( Progress Communications) - will be in the jury. Don't just promote the PureViewClub, show us how you did it! Make shots, screenshots, whatever it takes. And if possible, show how effective you think your promotion has been.

Send it to PureViewClub at Gmail dot com (writing it this way to avoid bots). Although you're more than welcome to promote the PureViewClub, I can only send the Nokia Lumia 1020 within Europe (sorry). Nokia-808-Nokia-Lumia-1020-White-Yellow-Black-2At this moment, the PureViewClub's social networks look like this: it's in 334 Circles on Google+, there are 348 followers on Flickr, 502 on Instagram, 2890 likes on Facebook and 5212 followers on Twitter and counting :-) . I'm looking forward to see how you will contribute to those numbers - and have a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 1020!

Of course you'll need time to do think of something great and make it work, so this contest ends on March 31, 2014. I'm thrilled to celebrate my 1020's post in this way, and I hope you'll be thrilled by the chance to win the best smartphone camera on the planet! :-)


And just in case you have some time to spare, you'll find my previous 1019 posts here :-)

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