My 5 Favourite Nokias - on Nokia Conversations

It's always a real pleasure to be featured at Nokia Conversations - (like here, herehere, and here :-) - and this time is no exception. I just love sharing my passion for Nokia's PureView and Rich Recording technology - you wouldn't be reading this otherwise, right? :-)

For today's feature at Nokia Conversations, I was asked to name my 5 favourite Nokias of all time. I thought it would be a very tough job to choose them, but I just followed my heart and remembered which devices were most important to me.

Of course I had to skip quite a few. I was SO proud of my 6210! - but the 6150 was the one that started it all. I adored my E90 - but the 9210 was my first Communicator. I thought my N95 8GB looked way cooler than its predecessor (and I still do in fact) - but I did use the N95 much longer (and even made more shots with it).

I was very fond of my N93(i) because its design was so gorgeous and incredibly versatile. I was blown away by the imaging capacities of the N8 - but the 808 PureView...

Oh well, I could go on like this forever - I've owned and used quite a few Nokia devices over the past 15 years. I'm quite sure most of you will recognize that. Please share your own "mobile memories" below if you'd like to!

Anyway: here it is, my favourite 5 Nokias of all time, including my motivation. Nokia Conversations used a shot I shared here earlier, getting the best mushroom shot with the Lumia 1020 (nr. 5 in my top 5 :-)

In action 640 x 360

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