No Nokia PureView News At All These Days

Shortly before the Mobile World Congress, there appears to be no Nokia PureView news at all. Someone complained there isn't any interesting news at the PureViewClub for the last days. My " Tale of Two Tablets" was described as "unuseful in everyday life". And to be honest: I understand that (but I'm still planning part 3, like it or not :-)

I'm sorry to disappoint some of you, but shortly before MWC 2014 Nokia isn't sharing any hard news at all, except for the recent announcement of the Lumia Icon for Verizon. I wrote about the announcement, about my disappointment it will only be available in the US, I shared a hands-on video. But I can't test it, and trying to get in touch with Verizon proves to be pretty hard.

There are quite a few rumours I could be writing about. Like about the Nokia X @evleaks is sharing an overwhelming amount of proof for - I feel quite sure that's going to be Nokia's big news from this year's MWC. Huge news, even - but it's not PureView, and it's not officially announced yet. Others speculate about a "Nokia Lumia 930" as a European version of Nokia's Icon - which would be PureView, but it would really surprise me if Nokia is going to announce it.

As I've written before, I try to avoid running around in the rumour mill. Please be aware that many sites "force" a lot of their traffic by repeating each others rumours (or creating a few when possible). Other sites generate traffic by demolishing their smartphones as part of a "stress test". I don't want to be contributing to all that. If there is no news, so be it, I can't create hard news out of nothing.

And: I don't always have the time nor the devices to realize the photo comparisons you really seem to appreciate. I'm waiting for a few test samples (from Sony for instance), but I don't have the means to just buy those to please my readers asap (if you'd like to make a contribution, feel free, the button is on the right hand side of this page, any donation is welcome).

Please remember there only is one (1) bartender in the PureViewClub. I'll take a few days off to visit the Mobile World Congress, to get some background and hopefully some inside information. I'll attend the " Meet Us Under The Tree" conference, but I wonder if there will be any PureView news there in fact. I'll let you know, and I'll be making a "PureView Reportage" from this year's MWC anyway (with the Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 1020 and 1520).

Meanwhile, follow the PureViewClub on Twitter, where I retweet many great PureView shots I find on that fascinating social network. Follow me on Instagram for a few of my own shots if you'd like. And please be patient. I'm following every source I know to find the latest hard PureView news. At this moment, it's simply not there. But it's not like you can't enjoy your stay here - there are more than 1020 posts after all :-)

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