Some PureView "news" from Nokia at the Mobile World Congress

Well, it was to be expected: Nokia didn't bring any new PureView device to the stage during the press conference at the Mobile World Congress - not even a new Lumia. Next to the introduction of the Nokia 220, a few new Ashas and the update of the Asha platform, the most important launch was the Nokia X series (X, X+ and XL), the Android based smartphones for "emerging markets" as Nokia likes the call it.

The Nokia X-series is one of the ways Nokia serving "the next billion", and giving those the chance to get acquainted with the Windows Phone interface at the same time. Clever thinking I must say. And remarkable Nokia is in fact taking the same road Jolla has, offering the possility to download applications from Android stores like Yandex.

So, no PureView news. I even asked Stephen Elop if the next PureView device was going to be announced this year, but as expected his only answer was he was not going to say anything about new Lumia devices - "watch this space". So we'll have to be patient I guess.

But with so many people from Nokia around, I managed to get my hands on the Lumia Icon - if only for ten minutes (it's actually the only Icon in the hall if I understood correctly). So that's my PureView news for today: a few shots from the Nokia Lumia Icon, and a few shots I made using it.

First one of the shots I managed to get from the Icon, using the Lumia 1020. The worst product shoot ever in a very crowded place but it'll have to do - here's the best shot I got :-)

Nokia Lumia Icon 640 x 360

I didn't find Raw .DNG in the settings (I don't really work with Raw shots myself yet), so I guess the software wasn't completely up-to-date. I just settled for the 5MP and 16MP results from the 20MP sensor inside the Icon. What you will see are the resized 5MP shots and crops I made from the 16MP results.


Tree crio 640 x 360And here's a portrait of Rafe Blanford from AllAboutWindowsPhone I had the pleasure to meet. He didn't mind me sharing this shot by the way, I asked :-)

WP_20140224_09_48_22_Pro Rafe 640 x 360

I have a few more shots, but so much more to do here at the Mobile World Congress I might add a few later today. So far I'm kind of underwhelmed by the crops I must say, but the light was far from good in the hall and only a few minutes to get these shots isn't ideal either. So I'm still hoping for a review sample of the Nokia Icon and see if it can actually do better than this.

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