Meet Heikki Sassi, Head of Audio Technology Management at Nokia

At an event like the Mobile World Congress it's really remarkable how Nokia is not only showcasing its products, applications and services, but its own personel as well.

Where many other producers choose to have their devices demonstrated by stunning young female models, you'll find lots of ladies and gentlemen who all actually know what they are talking about. They even know so into detail, since very often they either work at the specific department, or appear to be the ones responsible for it. This really shows Nokia's passion for its own products.

So much to my surprise, I finally met up with Heikki Sassi, Nokia's Head of Audio Technology Management. Heikki is an extremely nice and remarkably young gentleman, and he was more than willing to tell me what "directional recording" on the Nokia Lumia 1520 is all about. Let me start by saying it's part of Nokia's Rich Recording technology I've been admiring from day one (here are more than 40 posts related to it).

And what Nokia device could be better to record Heikki's demonstration with than... exactly :-) Choose full-HD (1080p) to get the best image from the Nokia Lumia 1520. Remember we were amidst a hell of a lot of sound at the Mobile World Congress. Listen with headphones on to really hear what the four microphones are capable of.

On YouTube

You'll just have to believe me during a few days at the Nokia booth at the Mobile World Congress, I actually never noticed the bird sounds, coming from the tree everybody was meeting under. It was simply too loud I guess. Now, in this recording, I clearly can hear them. So it's even showing more than I see, but in a very effective way...

I asked Heikki to be part of my small series of Interviews, and he was happy to oblige after the Mobile World Congress, so I hope you'll read some more from him here soon!

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