Exploring Tiny Planets

Suddenly everybody is sharing shots created with an application called Tiny Planets. Not sure how long it's been in the Store, but it must have been half a year at least - and now it's being picked up by everyone it seems. Is it a temporary thing or is it here to stay? I'd say it's temporary, but it's fun nevertheless to fool around with it.

What does it do? It takes your shot and turns it into a 360 degree presentation. It's especially effective with landscapes and panoramas, as you can see in the next example. Here's the (resized) original from a shot I captured of the Barcelona skyline.

Barca View

And here's what it looks like after a treatment with Tiny Planets (resized as well).

Barca View TinyPlanets

I needed to resize the shot, since the output you get from Tiny Planets is a whopping 2048 x 2048 pixel format - equal to 4.2MP (click on the shot to see the original file).

But you can get quite "artistic" results as well, even using shots that are already nice in itself. Like the one I got from the Spanish wood store.

Barca Wood Store

Again, click on the shot below to see the original file I got from Tiny Planets

Barca Wood Store TinyPlanetsIs it useful? Hm, not really I guess. Is it fun?I think so! Below you'll see a couple of shots I created using Tiny Planets. I used the free trial, which won't let you share from the phone directly, but you'll be able to save the result on your phone nevertheless (and share to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. from there).

This time I'll share them the other way around: fist after the "treatment", than the original.

Barca Archeology TinyPlanets

The original: original Spanish archeology in the heart of Barcelona, showing remnants of a ancient city.

Barca Archeology

The app is very simply: you can choose how far you want to zoom into your original shot and you can rotate that result. That's more or less all, but it's enough to keep you busy for a while.

Next, a architectural fantasy...

Barca nightshot TinyPlanets

... based on a night shot I captured in the center of Spain...

Barca nightshot

Last: it looks like a weird staircase...

Piano TinyPlanets

... but it's the inside of a piano... :-)

PianoI have many more examples of course, but you'll be having more fun making your own I guess. You can download Tiny Planets here, and like I said, everything above was done with the free trial version. Enjoy! :-)

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