Just a little quiz. PureView shots from a Nokia device - which one? (and the winner is: Angie!)

I've been extremely busy for the past days, so I didn't find any time to write any of the posts I have in mind - I'm really sorry. Not sure when I will have some more time and peace of mind, so you'll have to be patient still I'm afraid.

In the meantime, let's play a little game, shall we? I'll share some crops until you're sure which Nokia device you're looking at, okay? Here's shot number one... Let me know what you think this is below :-)

Nokia detail 3

These were to be the next hints I had in mind to share...

Nokia detail 1

Nokia detail 2

Nokia detail 6

Nokia detail 4

Stop reading here for a minute... Would you have recognized it by now? I don't think I would have if I didn't know it already...

Nokia detail 5

Nokia speaker

So, would you? :-)

I'm SO proud of my communitiy, where some members seem to be even more crazy about Nokia's design them I am.

And the winner is..., Angie! Both she and later uddhav are right: these are details from a working prototype of the Nokia 7700...

Here are some more crops from the shots Richard Dorman (aka @sheridan01) was kind enough to send me a while ago.




And here's the device itself... Announced in 2003, cancelled for I don't know which reason.




And yes, it does still work, after all those years - it's a Nokia after all! :-)


These devices are of course extremely rare - this is the only working prototype I've ever seen in fact. Personally, I only have a "dummy".

But this morning, after seeing that two of my visitors actually saw where the very first detail came from, it suddenly hit me: I realized that although you'll recognize every Nokia directly being of the Nokia brand, they are in fact all different - you can recognize each and every specific device by a minute design detail.

And it took me 15 years to realize that... Maybe I'll continue this little quiz to prove it. Would you like that? Of course, it will be PureView details :-)

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