Time-out (charging the battery)

You've noticed I haven't been able to post for quite a while - apart from a short quiz lately, which might prove to be the start of a new series about Nokia's uniquely designed phones. But this post is not about that.

This club has become so much more than the fruit of my passion for mobile photography: it has grown into a worldwide and very lively community - and I'm so proud to be your "bartender" at the Club, serving literally thousands of you every day!

But now, after about two years of posting (even during my holidays), I notice I don't lack passion or inspiration - I simply don't have enough energy to keep doing all this next to what I'm supposed to do in daily life. Like: a full time job, and being a husband, a father and a son.

I've recently written I've been very busy with doing all that, and since this blog has become even more personal than I ever thought possible, I just wanted to let you know I simply need some sort of time-out, to "charge the battery" so to say.

Am I closing the club temporarily? No way, of course not - there are still hundreds of posts I believe are still worth your time to read (check the archives! :-). Will I stop posting? No, not that either - but I simply can't keep posting as often as you might be used to by now. Not for the time being that is.

Isn't this post somewhat unprofessional? Well, maybe - but the club is in fact costing me more than it's making me. In two years I've discovered that either I'm the worst marketeer on the planet, or it's really very hard to find commercial partners when you blog in a different language than your own.

The PureViewClub seems to be too international for Dutch companies, and simply too small for international ones. Is that frustrating me? Well - sometimes, to be honest. So if you're a CEO or Head of Marketing of a company reading this and you feel you can do something about it, you're more than welcome to.

In case you're seriously interested: last year there were 445K unique visitors, 964K visits and more than 2.6 million pageviews. That should count for something, right? It might be an interesting opportunity for your company - and it won't cost you a fortune either :-)

Anyway: the PureViewClub will stay open 24/7 and all posts are on the house as always. I will be posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc (see the links below). I'll keep sharing great PureView shots by others, hopefully a few of my own as well. And I'll try to post new content here as often as I can. But I simply need more time than ever to do so. I hope you'll understand!

Meanwhile, feel free to make a donation if you've been appreciating what I've been doing here for the past two years - you'll find a dedicated button at the right hand side of this page. Thank you very much in advance, you'll even be mentioned here :-)

Bhudda small

PS: this is a crop from a Lumia 1020 picture from a poster of a painting I saw in a friend's house. The lights were low, I didn't use any flash, of course. Yes, I really am passionate about PureView technology, that's not going to change either :-)

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