An open letter to my friends from Nokia USA

Update 29-03-2014

Well, it's not every evening you get a phone call from Nokia HQ in Finland. It happened to me yesterday, after Nokia USA sent me the message they were willing to try and support me.

The caller from Finland explained the limitations for review units for operator-exclusive products like the Lumia Icon, which like we all know is available only at Verizon in the US. It's a shame, but I get it and I'm okay with it - at  least I tried and almost succeeded :-) 

Now I'm looking forward even more to what Nokia have in store next week at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference next week!   



Dear friends from Nokia USA,

After using Twitter to send several kind requests your way (and to Verizon, which seems to be on a different planet) I read you can't send me a review sample of the Nokia Lumia Icon, since:

Nokia US

Come on...

True, this is a Dutch based site (raving) about Nokia's PureView imaging qualities, but it's not in Dutch because it's way more effective in English. In fact: by far most of the PureViewClub's visitors are from the United States.

Runners up are the Ukraine, China, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, India and France. But in terms of visits, the US is at least twice as big as number two and it has been like that for a long time. I have the stats to back it up, too.

Sure: the PureViewClub's reach doesn't even come close to huge sites like The Verge or Engadget - they have a staff I might add, dozens of people that actually live from writing there.

Nevertheless, the PureViewClub's "one man army" (me) had close to a million visitors last year. And I sat front-row during this year's Nokia's press conference in Barcelona, even though it was highly unlikely to expect any PureView news...

I wasn't invited there, I just went. I was there because of Nokia. I wrote about and shared a shot from the Nokia XL. I could play with the Lumia Icon for ten minutes. I even could make this shot (below) and share these, coming from the Icon. Ten minutes I was grateful for. But you'll agree it's not quite enough for a serious test.

Nokia Lumia Icon 640 x 360Maybe you're not aware of the effect the PureViewClub has had on many customers deciding to buy a Nokia smartphone - based on my shared experiences. I'm not bragging, many people actually wrote me they decided to buy a Nokia PureView device because of this site and of all the shots I shared, be it my own or by others.

For two years now, I've been a critical, but passionate ambassador of the PureView technology from the Nokia 808 and onwards. I've been showing OIS was really effective in the Lumia 920, cheering the moment when Nokia managed to port the 41MP sensor technology to Windows Phone with the Lumia 1020. Raving about the Black update.

I've been more than happy to proudly share the results from all available PureView devices - but at least I have to be able to test them, see what it's like to work with them. Of course, I can't make calls with the Lumia Icon over here. But who cares about making calls these days? :-)

Meanwhile, I've been trying to get a Lumia Icon through Nokia in The Netherlands, but that proved to be impossible - no wonder, they simply don't have any commercial sample since it's only sold in the US. Did I mention I have most of my readers over there?

I only asked for a review sample - I didn't even ask you to give me one. It's not like sending a parcel overseas will make you go bankrupt.

So after all this, Nokia USA, could you please reconsider and send me a Lumia Icon so I will have a very interesting device to write about for all my readers from the United States - and beyond? They're all ardent Nokia fans who appear to like my content - and I'm getting fed up with copying other site's reviews, if you don't mind.

I'm really looking forward hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Marc Wielaert
marc at
The Netherlands