BUILD Conference tomorrow: hoping, but not holding my breath for the next PureView device

As you will probably know, tomorrow is the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference 2014. I'll be attending as well, but not in San Francisco I'm afraid :-) In Microsoft's office in Amsterdam I'll be watching the live stream, and Nokia has already promised quite a line-up of "treats".

TreatsNow "treats" is plural, so rumour has it Nokia will announce the Nokia Lumia 630 (here on GSMArena) and the next Lumia 930, which is supposed to be the international version of the Nokia Lumia Icon.

GSMArena has (guessed?) the specs of a 930 already, but now they are not so sure anymore. What do I think? Well, nothing has leaked so far... Guess I'm getting used to the assumption things do not exist yet if @evleaks hasn't shared anything about them before the announcement - like the Nokia Lumia 630...


On the other hand, it's not completely unthinkable Nokia may be doing a "one more (!) thing" stunt tomorrow. Would be nice to see the Icon coming to the world outside of Verizon, wouldn't it? :-)

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