Nokia Lumia 1020 Contest - and the winner is...

On the occasion of post 1020 here at the PureViewClub last February, I asked my friends at Nokia in the Netherlands if they would be willing to sponsor a contest to win a Nokia Lumia 1020. This is post 1057 and today I'm proud to announce who the winner is. I wasn't alone in deciding this, also Stella Jansen from the Nokia's PR Office in the Netherlands was in the jury.

The challenge - find the most original and creative way to promote the PureViewClub - proved to be quite difficult, but the great thing was it attracted people from all over the world - countries like Ireland, Latvia, Hungary and even Brazil and the Philippines (also although they knew the contest was EU only).

Before I show you what the winner thought of, I will share - in no particular order - a few of the most original and creative entries in this post.

First, a blogpost from my loyal follower Endijs Gütmanis on his site, describing how he made this low light collage, a post (and a collage) he shared on  Flickr500pxTwitter and  Facebook.

Endijs Gutmanis LatviaFrom the Philippines, Aron Tuazon shared some shots on Twitter and Instagram - like this one:

Aron Tuazon Philippines 3

And from Ireland, the 19 year old Ronan Coughlan tried some PureView artwork to promote the PureViewClub, sharing his work on his Twitter account, like here and here.

Ronan Coughlan Ireland 5

But Stella and I decided the winner to be Gergö Harcz from Hungary, who made a stunning time-lapse video on Instagram and shared that on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr as well.

First you'll see a few shots of "the making of", and I'll end with the short movie itself. Enjoy!

Gergo Harcz Hungary 2

Gergo Harcz Hungary 3

Gergo Harcz Hungary 1

Gergo Harcz Hungary 4

Thank you all for joining the contest, and congratulations Gergö Harcz, you won yourself the Nokia Lumia 1020 at the PureViewClub, sponsored by Nokia Netherlands. We'll be in touch soon! :-)

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