Off-topic: a personal story about a great shot. Bliss - "the wallpaper we'll never forget"

This post is completely off-topic since it's not about PureView technology and it's not even about mobile photography. It may be a very simple story (often the best), and I've seen it on several online media already - though never as personal as this.

This story comes from the photographer capturing the shot that would be known to the world as "Bliss". It's the most famous wallpaper ever since it was used in Windows XP that officially "expired" today. Millions, no billions of world citizens lived with that shot for years without knowing the one who took it.

The video below is a Dutch production, made for Microsoft in the Netherlands if I understood correctly, so I guess that's why only a few hundred people have seen it so far. Time to change that - since I started the PureViewClub I started to love remarkable stories about photography as well, and I don't think there is one shot that has become so famous because of our digital and online existence.

Think about it: this is the first shot to be seen on just about everyone's computer everywhere.... We can only hope that one day, one of our PureView shots will make it this far :-) Oh well: here it is, the story as told by photographer Charles O'Rear.

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