Introducing Deepak Khoenie - a PureView photographer with a passion for architecture

Here at the PureViewClub, I have had the pleasure to introduce mobile photographers whose work I admire and really think deserves your attention. Like - in no particular order -  Javier Garcia GonzaloDetkoDaveTopolino70Baron ChatMs. JenDaniel CheongRichard Dorman and  Mohamed Ahmed Saleh. Please do check the posts I linked to if you haven’t done so already, I promiss you they’re worth your time!

This time I'd like to introduce you to Deepak Khoenie from the Netherlands. I first saw his work on Instagram, where he's been sharing a lot of his architectural photography. As with most of the mobile photographers I mentioned above, I asked him to simply write his story to me, to share it here with you.

So what you'll be reading below, is written by Deepak Khoenie. All shots in this post are his - the selection however is mine, and in fact you'll see my screenshots from what he's been sharing on Instagram. I'd like to start with one of his early shots - a church in the beautiful old Dutch city Leeuwarden.

Deepak Leewarden Church

Dear Marc,

I'm a shop manager in a telecom shop. I'm married, we have four kids, the youngest being 6 months. I never thought of shooting pics with my cellphone to be honest. To me, a cellphone was for texting and calling - until I got the Nokia Lumia 800. It was my business phone. I loved the user interface - and the 8mp Carl Zeiss lens!

At first I was only taking pics of my family and our friends. Then I saw an article on twitter about Patrick Hamilton Walsh. That article triggered me to explore the photography possibilities on my Lumia 800. I joined the Facebook page of " nothing but a Nokia". And I started to upload some simple pics.

Deepak Den Helder BenchI was quite nervous if members would like my pics at all to be honest. After a few positive comments I got more self-assured though. I got inspired by AsteroLykos Wolf's architecture pics. And started taking that kind of pics in my home town Leeuwarden. Big advantage of architecture is it doesn't move, so you can take several shots and choose the best to post.

In December I gave myself a holidays' gift: the luminous Lumia 1020! The possibilities on this thing are just endless!

Deepak BridgeI  like every kind of architecture. Be it classic or modern as long as my 41MP Lumia 1020 can capture it. In general I prefer to edit the pics in black and white because it gives more depth to a pic. Even more so on architecture pics.

Deepak Den Helder 2Playing with colors in Nokia creative studio is also fun! Lot of pics I "colorpop" one or two colors in the building for some playfulness.

Deepak ColorpopApart from b/w shots I also apply "fake HDR" on almost all my architecture pics. It gives a clearer image and makes the clouds spectacular at the same time.

Deepak Clouds

Deepak Fake HDRAt first I only posted my pics on the Nban Facebook page. Later also on Twitter and just recently we got Instagram on our Lumia!

I also have Flickr but don't use it all that much - simply because of lack if time. I have a fulltime job, one hour drive from home. So I have very little spare time to check all social media... I do have time for social fun sometimes though! :-)

Deepak Chocolate

Deepak BowlingIn fact, I shoot most of my pics while going to work, to the supermarket - or just while shopping in the city. It's not like photography is my job - far from it. Next I want to learn is to do real HDR, combining 3 different light pics into one.

And I'm trying to get some time off, to go to Dutch cities like Rotterdam and Den Haag to get some spectacular building shots...

Deepak Tunnel

Deepak Khoenie

Everything you've been enjoying above was written and captured by Deepak Khoenie. It's an honour to feature his work at the PureViewClub, and I'm sure he'll feel even more honoured to be featured here.

I write this because somehow I have the feeling he doesn't yet fully realize his talent. That's not a bad thing in itself, but it won't hurt him to hear his photography is really appreciated - at least by me, and I feel quite sure I'm not alone. There's much more on Instagram, but don't hesitate to let me (and him) know what you think of the shots you've seen here! :-)

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